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PETITE is an international singer songwriter producing Nuvo-Jazzy Pop in French and English. It’s a dynamite stick, on the verge of blowing up in your hands with balloons and confetti. And all you can see or hear is her child like vocals and her angelic face belting out : Push your finger on my application in the track “Stevie Jobs”. It’s full on, very dense pop tracks with a distant (from the tunes we heard) jazz-pop approach and we dig it mucho ! In her first solo project PETITE has already opened for Mark Ronson, Hurts, and modeled for “Vogue”, “Another Magazine” and “Jalouse”. Quite a resume in fact.

Download : Terry Poison ft. PETITE – CINEMA  Download :  Terry Poison ft. PETITE – Comme Ci Comme Ca (Gloumi remix)   Download :  PETITE – NYC Time   Download :  PETITE – Stevie Jobs 

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