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“In loving memory of Anthony Heureux” says the description for the track. It’s the first time the Belgian duo releases an original track. And as always they’ve kindly sent in a premium cut for Sodwee and a select few. With soothing vocals from Moise (a well known senegalese musician and vocalist who has worked with the likes of Fela Kuti’s guitarist as well as other counting figures on the scene) the track takes anyone who wants on a journey. hovering above green plains a little like the intro for Gladiator where Russel Crowe drift in a horizontal position to his final home, you know… that’s what I felt when I first hit play on this track.

Download : Jetlag – Dali (Original Mix) 

Passport :

Jetlag – Every Woman 

Jetlag – TFF 

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Hey Peeps. WOW. I never felt so out of sync in a long time. Been struggling with internet…