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NIGHTMØDE is the personal project of multi-instrumentalist Matt Kass. Based out of East Nashville, Tennessee, his musical journey took him round some eclectic path. Always putting in that added emotion, and a dash of expression into his tracks, NIGHTMØDE has released a brand new track titled “Same Old Problems” that touches on coming to terms with issues that have haunted you for some time before you decide to tackle them head on and make peace with to turn things around you, your health or your situation.

Musically his single “Same Old Problems” is pretty well resourced not only because Matt Kass studied Ethnomusicology at Cornell University. He also partnered on composition of the song with long time friend Austin Thomas a.k.a. Spookyghostboy. We dug the way the vocals came around and the retro synths on the chorus. Take a listen (above) and make sure you check his previous releases (below) in the PASSPORT section.


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