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Continuing their monthly release of a tracks throughout 2019 from a project appropriately dubbed ‘Calendar’, Baseball Gregg have just released their fourth installment titled “The Movies” featuring the otherworldly vocals of New York based artist Pecas and the musicianship of William Corduroy whom Baseball Gregg founders Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan asked to collaborate with during the phluff showcase at SXSW this year.

Baseball Gregg is the name of an hybrid-band spread over two different continents made of Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan who first met in Bologna, Italy when Samuel was studying abroad skipping lectures for a movie sesh at the Lumière cinéma instead. They’ve since been dear friends and formed Baseball Gregg producing music over the summer and each taking on live shows with their respective live bands even being across the atlantic from each other (one in Italy and one in the States).

Baseball Gregg has released a self-titled EP in 2014, a full length album titled “Vacation” back in 2016 and a concept album comprising of 13 tracks via La Barberia Records and Z Tapes. After also releasing a surprise holiday EP ‘Gifts’ the prolific duo are in the midst of releasing a new track every single month of 2019 under a new project dubbed “Calendar”. Today marks their fourth installment “The Movies” featuring the vocals of Pecas – another rising name on the scene alongside the William Corduroy.

The band of four delivers a subtly quiet escape that will pair very well with a morning coffee, a paper and preferably some greenery around. Pecas drops an amazing performance on the vocals. And the guitar by William Corduroy just cements the whole track together. Gentle, balanced and proportionate. Not too over the top, nor underwhelming. Clocking in at 2:21, it’s just perfect. Take a listen above and make sure you follow all these talented artists with the links to their socials below.

Cover art by Eli Wengrin


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