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Sodwee.com HQ favorites Ivytide return with a brand new single from upcoming release and – as you do – a new contract under the belt with Higher Reign Music (distributed by Sony Music Canada). We had featured them back in the day with their blissful slice of music Bloom EP and exposing the raw talent hidden away in the abyss of Bandcamp’s catalogue. But not only that, the band lead by singer-songwriter Nathan Gagné and producer Jamie Snytte flanked by their undeniable skills and got-get attitude have landed them another ride on the music rollercoaster as well as a sold out string of shows in their hometown of Montréal, Quebec.

For fans of a clever hybrid between Mac Demarco, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino and Glass Animals. 

With “Late Nights”, Ivytide reconnect with their know-how. The sound that made them, the kind of chill pop and modern R&B they love the most and the one we definitely need more of. “Late Nights” makes great use of Nathan’s vocals and the lush production value brings it all home here. We can’t really wait to hear to the remainder of the music they’ve been working on.

“Late Nights” is about how a potential relationship can take up so much of your mental capacity. It’s about how issues in a relationship or uncertainty with a potential partner can mess with your sleep and keep you up at night. It’s about how intimacy with that person feels like the only way to finally resolve that mental tension.


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