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Four-piece U.K. garage/soul outfit Blinding are here with their grimly titled third single to date, “End Of The Earth”. However, this latest effort by the North London newcomers is far from apocalyptic – it’s actually quite uplifting, with a huge sound incorporating everything from saxophones to drum machines, and drawing on varied influences like FKA Twigs, Bjork, and Massive Attack.

I close my eyes sometimes, sometimes I see
The end of the Earth
And some place we could meet

The eclecticism of Blinding’s influences adds a noticeable depth to the music, making it hard to label as any one style, while giving a dose of mainstream pop-appeal just strong enough to add a nice measure of catchiness, without sacrificing any profundity. Vocally, “End Of The Earth” is a triumph, with a performance that spans an enormous range of raspy lows and roaring highs, all of which drip emotion in a way that perfectly compliments the bittersweet themes underlying the lyrics. Above all, this is a song that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts, wherein a million little nuances bring about one uniquely endorphin-releasing experience.

Having played live sets at both Glastonbury and Reading Festival in 2016, Blinding is off to a strong start, and seem to have every intention of keeping up their momentum by releasing a full length album this year. Until then though, get a taste of the textured production and lionlike vocals the band has to offer with “End Of The Earth”.

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