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The third chapter to BLAJK‘s wanderlust vibes is here. Like calloused hand of a stranger asking you to dance, Jordan Radics trends lighter on the vocals with the rasp but guides ears through the steps. And dance we do, in the confines of our own room, privy only to the eyes of someone special. “French Class” happily feeds the seedling of nostalgia and futuristic escapism that made us fall in love with this Toronto band in the first place.


We have a feeling that not one note will be out of place for BLAJK‘s upcoming EP early next year. BLAJK has a specific vision that has more stories than a world of vibrant colour. It seems if you’re a listener looking to translate the emotions of lost infatuation (with a city, person or moment) BLAJK will provide you with the quintessential soundtrack of warm deja vu.

Art by Jiyeon Kathrina Hong

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