Dark Light

When Glints first came on our radar there was no warning. The voice of J.M. Lemmens hits hard, a burst of color in a dark room. The rest of “Sirens” was like riding the rest of the light lengths under shut eyes. Perhaps this is the closest we can get synesthesia – Glints raps his way through “Sirens.” The unapologetic blend of hip-hop, spoken word and electronic elements delivers sandy golden tones all through the art of show, not tell. It’s a highly impressive feat, making us see and feel the colors, for his second single. Forget flirtation, Glints‘ “Sirens” barely gives you time to breathe before reeling you in with his Alt-J vibes and clever poetry.

“Sirens” has already made a radio debut with Studio Brussel, a top Belgian station, but this song deserves a play all around the world. We’re excited to see what Glints has in store for his forthcoming EP, which is produced by Jergan Callebaut a.k.a VUURWERK. Now that we’ve done the introduction for you, experience the flurry of autumn colors for yourself.

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