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Take sunset colors and a long weekend and play it back on an old school television that still plays white noise. Sorry, we’re having a hard time describing that feeling of using stationary solitude as a form of escapism. In a day and age that jumps from one trending hashtag to the next viral sensation, it’s easy to get jaded about “new” things. This slippery feeling is best captured through d Sun Jun‘s new single “ASH.”

Featuring the smooth vocals of Kazakh singer Geneva Arystan, “ASH” is a warped soundscape that takes us on a nice escape into outer space. Sun Jun describes this track as a mix of Cat Power-ish songwriting and George Maple deep voice with a bass-drive beat that would please Purity Ring fans – a hypnotizing mix if you ask us.

The conception of “ASH” is also about as serendipitous as collaborations get. Geneva Arystan messaged Paris-based Sun Jun on Facebook after going to his show in the city, and after a bit of back and forth, they crafted this gorgeous song. If that’s not a case for checking your messages, then we don’t know what is. Take a ride with us as we take another listen.

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