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We introduced the delightful Opia in the early days of 2016 – That’s nearly three years ago, damn. Time just flies – We were so excited for their debut track at the time that we went on a PR spree of ourselves for the American duo who met at Yale University and started jamming together. At the time they had just started emailing a bunch of blogs to pitch their track “Falling”. And the rest is history. They went on to make a steady number of plays on Spotify and got picked up by national and international outlets… Releasing a constantly good amount of tracks since and starting to gather interest amongst labels for their unique sounding music: Spontaneous, care-free and with excellent musicianship and production skill.

Cole Citrenbaum (left) & Jacob Reske (right) from duo Opia.

Fast-forward to today. Opia, are about to release a brand new EP and their lead single “Beverly Blues” is a sure classic radio hit that will get the plays it deserves and a pretty exciting ‘hors-d’oeuvre’ for what is to come in the future EP that should be out via SoundPlate Records. The pair talk a little more about the process of making ‘Beverly Blues’ :

Beverly Blues is about trying to keep a light heart in an anxious world. I remember coming up with a couple of phrases during the hour-and-something drive up to Cole’s place in Ventura. I read them to him, and he immediately picked up his guitar and started playing in this really classic blues style. Cole started producing it and we wrote the rest of the song together in about two hours; I remember the process being really quick and fun. Then Jacob put his spin on it, and the whole thing came together.

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Beverly Blues single

Indulge and check out the fantastic guitars and musicianship across the board on this track as well as the catchy chorus. No moderation needed here. Indulge irresponsibly. It’s only good music.

This EP is exciting to us because we all feel like we’ve grown a lot since we started working together, both in our collaborations and in our individual styles. We’ve all been waiting a long time to share this music, and we hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to make.

If you can catch them live near you, it’s a real good night out as this video will surely convince you…

Those dance moves though…!


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