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Laureline, the rising Los Angeles band have been hard at work finding their ground and coming up with the perfect sounding tracks for the last few months. 

“Hum through your lips a hundred thousand volts. I won’t let you go”

Today, Laureline have released our favourite track so far in the name of ‘Hum’. It’s a track about patience, “Hum” was three years in the making. Chris Rasmussen describes “Hum” as the most personal and vulnerable song he’s written.

It is Laureline‘s third release leading up to their ‘Restless’ EP. You can of course do yourself a little favour and listen to the previous two tracks (further down in our conveniently placed “PASSPORT” section). Their sound and lyrics gently brewing, simmering beautifully to maturity over time and the different releases.

For fans of the Japanese House or Aquilo. You’re in for a treat. The band met in college and created this persona known as Laureline. And boy, do we thank them. Check out “Hum”, follow their socials and get ready for the release of their new EP ‘Restless’.


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