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They say that for this day and age, a song’s hook needs to be in the first 10 seconds. Well, love at first listen is overrated (and it’s the only excuse we have for sitting on this song for so long before writing about it). If you’re all about a good build-up for a fantastic story, than  BRUVVY‘s “Dire Love” is for you. The emotions are well-crafted, like a classic hit you’ve heard before, but BRUVVY throws us in for a loop with their hard-hitting chorus. Think of one night in your life that had the right mix of passion and intimacy, a night you knew would only last until the sun came up.

Heading your way from New York by way of Sydney, BRUVVY is a duo that defies that logic of making an impression in 10 seconds and treats musical progressions with the respect it deserves. Luckily, “Dire Love” is a track that you can repeat. Listen to BRUVVY‘s new track now. We already waited too long.


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