Introducing : The Fiery Piano

The Fiery Piano is yet another band we present you coming from the Pop making power-house that is Sweden. It seems there’s a constant flow of eargasmic potential from up north. The Fiery Piano is homemade sparkling pop music with dusty samples, yet crispy high-definition future-quality sound (instereo), dramatic, kind of big at times, sweetness in the lows (negative Hz), details to discover, layers to peel, DIY approach to the whole thing. And we totally heart their latest release “Second Space”, their first album after a well received first EP : “Sirens”. It’s graciously available as a NYP (Name Your Price) scheme over at Bandcamp but we’ve got a few samples for you to listen/download here. Here are our picks from that release :

Download “Second Space” for as much as you see fit :

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