Introducing: Merc Mason

For the first time, Hip-Hop has surpassed Rock as the most popular genre in the United States; but, some of the best rap we get here in the States is imported. Take Merc Mason for example – a newcomer from Sydney, Australia, whose latest track, “Pull Up, Hop Out”, shows that the best bangers come from swapping out autotune and trap beats for sharp lyricism and charisma.

Right from the jump, theres a sense of “oh shit, here we go” on this track, imparted by some off-kilter swells that kick off the instrumental. Surely enough, the drums drop in shortly thereafter, and Merc is off to the races with solid bar after solid bar, barely even stopping for a hook. The balance between technicality and enjoyability is perfectly struck here, and remains that way all the way through the sludgy slo-mo passage that caps off the track.

Feelin’ like M.J

High as Dikembe

You and your friends stay, and we can get friendly

In more than a friend way

With one mixtape and a handful of loose tracks already under his belt, Merc Mason has clearly got chops. And, with a track like “Pull Up, Hop Out’ being the latest step in his progression, it looks like he’s only getting better.

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