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Tropic Harbour should ring a bell if you have been reading this leeel’blog of ours for over a year. January 2018 it was. We covered the amazing “Can’t Pretend” track by Mark Berg better known as Tropic Harbour. He returned on April 26th of this year with a brand new EP called ‘Calm’ comprised of 5 tracks. Including “Act Cool” which we’re featuring today:

Tropic Harbour produces hazy dream pop productions that depict nostalgic images and dreams of the coast into soundscapes which will have you hooked. Tropic Harbour is very much a solo affair in the studio and the creative aspect of the project. However, on the live side of things. Mark berg likes to surround himself with equally talented bandmates rather than just flog the experience to a pre-recorded track. Bringing a welcomed organic dimension to his tracks to the live setting that you wouldn’t have suspected otherwise.

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The song “Act Cool” touches upon hiding insecurities and transforming one’s perception as a coping mechanism. Eventually, you have to come to terms with yourself and be willing to let people see the real side of you (as it’s not a healthy approach) but it’s nice to make-believe from time to time.

Says Mark Berg a.k.a. Tropic Harbour


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