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Put into motion by native-Texan but now California-based Jonny Perdue. Lost Beach hit at us hard with a past string of releases that were pretty hard to not notice for their catchy melodies and addictive hooks like the ones you’ll find on “Famous For Foolin” or “Classless Man” for instance.

Today, the band (formed in 2017) have added to the body of work and enhanced that beachy vibe a notch more on their 14th release so far. Titled “Money Honey”. The track comes across as drenched in sun-block lotion with sand lodged in awkward places and that contempt feeling of doing nothing more than enjoy a sunny day at the beach. Its infectious indiepop and the addictive vocal delivery bring out the urge to sing-a-long. Even after a couple repeats.

It’s the perfect soundtrack for those of you that like raw, unapologetic guitar lines and the soul of surf rock with Californian via Texas twist to it. Check out Lost Beach’s new single “Money Honey” above…


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