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I’ve always defended the beauty of the English language against claims that it’s clunky and devoid of poetry compared to the world’s more musical vocabularies. But, this sultry track from Thiverprod has made one thing fully apparent – some things just sound sexier in French.

On first listen, I was oblivious to the finer points of “Pédilove”s lyrical prose. Revolving around the theme of making love in the footbath and containing such musings as the roughly translated, “this warm current is urine no doubt”, “Pédilove” is as tongue-in-cheek as you like, while still taking aquatic grooves and sugary guitar lines very seriously. With a listen that’s as legitimately addicting as it is fun and carefree, Thiverprod have come through big time on this one.

Quelques perles d’eau sur ton corps se dessinent
(A few water drops on your body appear)

Et ce courant chaud est sans doute de l’urine
(And this warm current is urine no doubt)

Ton rire comme un tsunami, écumé de bactérie
(Your laugh sounds like a tsunami, packed with bacteria)

This one is a blast, truly. Find your way to the footbath, settle in for some major vibes, and press play above to indulge…

For Fans Of (#FFO) an eclectic mix between Majid JordanKhalid, Drake and French duo Paradis

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