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Cal Maro is a name you’ll have to get used to, especially around the music blog scene. After dropping the all too delicious debut titled “Bad” a while ago. Cal Maro, today, delivers yet another slice of the good, slow-burn magical moments we’ve been craving for too long in his second single “Juliet”. Boasting a smooth falsetto sometimes interspersed with that guttural flair of his own making, the Brooklyn-bred Cal Maro is back with a truly appealing piece of music influenced by indie, dipped in soul and R&B that bring a colourful twist in the vocals to then transform later into an obscure and moody track. All the while inspired by the likes of Baz Luhrman‘s Romeo and Juliet film epic. Take a listen below.

On the single, Cal Maro shares:

It is the quintessential romantic moment – heavy, deep, wide, fast and slow at the same time. The scene is set with all the fantasized elements in the background and movements in the foreground, alluding to some of which first invoked those feelings (Usher’s 8701, Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Romeo + Juliet’) when I was a boy and dreaming of what love might be like, and scored with that type of cinematic production and energy. I wanted to capture all of that at once as best I could.

For Fans Of : D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, and James Blake…

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