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Why Airboy left Emirates ?

I’ve decided to add some insight on why I left Emirates so that hearsay, rumors or blatant lies do not circulate among wannabe crew and cabin crew alike. Also because, Emirates Airline is apparently taking liberties and using my name as an example not to follow for use of social networks, general use of internet and sharing work related information practices.

Let me put things straight here.

Contrary to popular belief, Airboy (aka Sodwee, aka Ben) has long left the position of Cabin Crew for Emirates Airline. In fact its coming close to 3 years since I left Dubai, UAE and moved back to Paris, France.

Why you must ask…

Well I fell pretty ill (fever, cold sweat and multiple other symptoms) during a layover in Shanghai, China. Took the unforgivable liberty to operate the return leg and avoid hassle with crew complement / scheduling and the consequences the contrary would of caused. Not to mention the bad record you start having upon returning to base with my line manager.

Got myself checked at the EK clinic, came out of there 4 minutes later with a few Panadol tablets and with the confirmation I was “fit to fly” when I knew I clearly wasn’t.

So I called sick for the next flight. And again, and again.

I already had quite an itchy relationship with my manager for simply being a ‘travel blogger’ even when I wasn’t “putting Emirates, Dubai or the Sheikh in a bad light” – as I was told one early morning after security/customs checkpoint at crew departures.

So I’m pretty sure she jumped (or was forced to, not quite sure…) on the opportunity of my sickness record going down the road to push every button possible to get me sidelined. She eventually managed to get me so worked up that I finally couldn’t cope with the stress. Having me do red-eyes, back-2-backs and deliberately scheduling appointments with her sorry self to look at attendance statistics on her computer screen, the “welfare” department or various other activities like “talks” for costly “meals on wheels” with a nutrition specialist (who’s a crew himself might I add)… While I was supposed to rest, have a day off and heal that nasty virus. Nope, she saw fit I was in EGHQ at the break of dawn doing all of that… Needless to say I was in pretty ugly state at the end, friends and colleagues have witnessed and can attest.

Anyways, it went on. Got a few absents, more sick days and my general health was worsening. I had abnormal movements starting to appear in limbs, to the point where serving myself an orange juice was increasingly difficult, was gradually feeling more and more tired, non-stop and really couldn’t fly. I asked for some time off, emergency leave, even offering to take the remaining leave I had to try and treat the condition I was in. She had none of it and couldn’t see past her own interest : GET A PROMOTION.

I was admitted to the American Hospital in Dubai after a turnaround flight to Nairobi, Kenya that didn’t go as planned. Was close to fainting point, couldn’t see clear, and my right arm, right leg and head were all over the place, I was shaking and had to deadhead back. Was finally in hospital, but not before being questioned, FBI style that ghastly morning. I was cornered in a dark debriefing room (interrogation cubicle more like) with three seniors to answer to : The acting Duty Officer, my Purser and my SFS. “Did you take any substances ? Do you have substances on you ? Why are you flying like that ?” and many other questions shot my way… I was pale white and in desperate need of some sleep. It was hell. Couldn’t think straight.

I had to call sick from my hospital bed, each and every day as ordered by that daft woman : my manager. She turned sour that day when she got the news of me being in hospital. And forever since, remained the same un-phased robot behind her desk on the dreaded 3rd floor open space of Emirates Group Headquarters.

Needless to mention, the Dubai healthcare being what it is, even with a premium insurance and what not, wouldn’t cover the costs of an extended stay there. So came the time to make a decision. Stay in Dubai, face a huge ass bill for medical “care”, face the wrath of my Cabin Crew Manager, and face the possibility of being handed not one, not two but three warnings, thus putting my sorry-self on the firing line or simply resign, get free, quality treatment in France and above all, some much-needed rest, TLC and attention from the Parentals ??

Well, the answer is quick to figure out. I RESIGNED. Much to my CCM’s surprise (or lack of in fact). I simply walked in her 3rd floor open space cubicle, overlooking the runways of DXB airport one morning, in shorts, classy t-shirt, flip-flops and iPod screwed on loud (you’re usually not allowed to dress that way, but that day and for the sake of my despair I did, I truly couldn’t be arsed)… She started with the attendance statistics scenario… My eyes rolled and stopped her right through.

“I’m here to resign” did I say. Without a flick on an eye-lid, nor a word, she got up, went over to her assistant, mumbled a few words and came back with the Letter of Resignation, copied twice. I read, signed both, and walked off the same way I came in. The less I saw of her, the better I felt.

I felt such a relief. But knew I only had two weeks to get the fuck out of there. So I did after being forced to hand over my passport for a week instead of the usual 2 days. I wonder why, still (*sigh*).

Ever wondered what my manager became ?? SHE GOT PROMOTED, and now acts as a Cabin Crew Manager for Senior Flight Stewardesses. How surprising !

Anyways. I’m here, in France now, with a treatment for this apparently rare condition…


Now you can read on to the original post you came to read in the first place :

Many have asked how to join the company as Cabin Crew, many questions. I’ll try my best to answer them in ONE post. I’ll try to give a detailed chronology of how you could get a job working for Emirates, but that is only based on my experience so far. There’s probably other ways to join but I’ll go for the most common one, the one that applies to any wannabees out there. I’ll also try to design some sort of chart to be even clearer.

Ok, the first questions you ask yourself BEFORE joining ANY airline company, targeting a Cabin Crew/flight attendant job are :

  • Is it really want I want to be doing ?
  • Am I afraid of staying up 20 hours straight with make-up, shoes and customers to please in an aircraft ?
  • Will I be OK with moving to a foreign country (Dubai UAE, for example) or not ?
  • Being on the move 24/7, christmas, NYE, Holiday periods bothers me ?
  • Does a strict/standard driven atmosphere bores you already ?
  • Wearing a uniform is a burden ?
  • SMILE 24/7 doesn’t suit you ?

There’s a lot more to add, but if the answers to those few questions is negative, then I think you should reconsider your aim. Otherwise you can move on and read the rest !

  • You like working in a team ?
  • You like meeting new people every day ?
  • You like moving around ?
  • You like the customer service industry ?
  • You like satisfying others might it be colleagues or customers ?
  • You like learning new cultures ?
  • You speak TWO languages ?

Those aren’t the only questions but if the answer is yes to all of those, then you have the kind of profile airline companies are looking for.

Ok, so we’ve been through the first screening, or “self-screening”. Many screenings are to come in the future of your application with Emirates. The next step is to apply for an Open Day/Assessment Day with the airline. Those Open Days are regularly held in major cities where Fly Emirates operates. Held around twice a year depending on the country, this can vary and I won’t be able to give you any information towards that. I went to the Open Day in Paris last year and I will base this breakdown on the stages I’ve been through. I think it’s the same procedure everywhere with little differences.

Here’s what my flat looked liked :

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Now that you’re ok with the pros & cons of being a flight attendant / Stewardess / Cabin Crew you can start applying online.

Go to http://www.emiratesgroupcareers.com and look for the box in which a link is named “Register your interest here if there are no suitable vacancies”. Read the full pages, they will give you basic information on working with them, living in Dubai etc etc. You’ll also have to comply with those requirements :

  • Minimum age 21 years at the time of application.
  • Minimum arm reach of 212 cm (on tip toes), which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types.
  • Educated to at least high school standard.
  • Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English (fluency in another language is an asset).
  • Previous experience in the service/hospitality industry is an advantage.
  • Finally, you will be the sort of person who has the natural ability to provide excellent service within a team environment.

Then click the given link (Click “register”), and you’ll be taken to the online application form… You’ll have to create a Cabin Crew Application that they’ll refer to until you are actually successful to join. Fill in every single thing they ask (red star next to a field means it is required information). It will take you quite some time. Never close the window until you’ve completed the entire form or your information won’t be saved.

After you’ve completed the form you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email with your reference number, password and what have you… The waiting begins here. Hold on because Emirates will take your patience to the limits, and that is just the beginning. If you fit in what they are looking for they will send you an invitation to an Open/Assessment Day nearest to your home (mine was Paris). You’ll be given a date, time & place. Usually a conference center or hotel with conference rooms near an international airport.

For the Open Day you will need to bring along with you :

  • Updated CV (Curriculum Vitae) > Now, on the CV, make it clear and un-cluttered, if you’ve had any previous customer service experience then this is a very good idea to have at the top of your resume. Remember, if you haven’t got any previous customer service experience it is not a problem, you’ll probably strike them with something else ! If they think they can train you in customer service they WILL DO IT !
  • 6 Passport Size Photographs > business attire, neatly groomed, looking gorgeous, no scarfs, light make-up for women, non for men ! and most importantly SMILE (even french citizens should smile on those Passport photos). A genuine smile will make the difference when your file is in that pile.
  • 2 Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs in Business Attire > Suit, white shirt, tie and shoes for men / Knee length skirt or dress with skin coloured stockings (no scarf) for women. Those photographs will be presented a round table of judges back in Dubai as per the recruitment officer I had, so keep SMILING, give the best of you !
  • 2 casual Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs > those photos must be of you in a natural setting, casually dressed, not smoking nor drinking. Alone is best, if you haven’t got any alone, then ones where the recruitment officer can recognize you.
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Photocopies of School Certificates
  • PENS and I’m not joking.

That’s all you’ll need to bring. Get ready for those days, as they’ll be testing your patience, nerves and your will of becoming a Cabin Crew.

2 or 3 days before the actual day, gather everything you need in a safe place, so you don’t have to run around and search for that piece of paper. Get your hair cut if needed. You’ll also need to know where you’ll be going on the day, where the hotel is situated, how long it takes to get there etc etc. You don’t want to arrive late or not at all after all this prep !

On the day. Wake up nice and early. EAT EAT EAT your breakfast ! Have a hella good shower, don’t forget to bring nibbles/sandwich with you and a bottle of any kind of soft you want : you’ll thank me later. Get ready for a very long day. Then jet off to the given location. I suggest you get there 30-45 minutes earlier (say 8.30 am) in order to get in line with the first attendees. You’ll then be in the first group and will be able to leave earlier that day…etc…

If you haven’t had your coffee yet, it’s time. Mind you, 4*, 5* star hotels aren’t cheap, and that’s where the Open Day will be held. You’ll notice when you have that expensive coffee that you’re not the only one attending the Open Day. Many people tend to show up, like the day I was there, 215 showed up. That is why you need to get in early. Get to know the people around you, make contact. Stay polite though. They will be the only people you’ll see for the next three days if you’re successful at every stage (I’m gonna break them down in the next paragraph), and possibly some of them will become your colleagues in Dubai !

The Day begins at 9.00 am sharp :

  1. They will call everyone in the conference room to drop CV/resume & photos. Remember as you’re doing that to smile and be polite, answer the recruitment officer looking in the eyes etc, give a good first impression. Be organised with your papers. Say thank you. Take a seat and wait till everyone as given theirs.
  2. The 2 recruitment officers will then give you an introduction to the company and on how the day will go on, show a video and then go ahead to a first screening of your resume & height reach (212 cm on tip-toes without shoes). You will have about 2 minutes to convince them. She will call your number and will watch your allure as you walk to him/her. He/she will ask you a quick question on something that interests them in your CV, why you speak such and such language and maybe something about customer service. This is where your ability to speak english will be tested, your genuine smile will make the difference and your general attitude will strike. Take it easy, do not stress, there is no need at this point. Answer quickly, ask to repeat if you need to. Be short, specific and open. Keep looking at the person when he/she speaks, make sure she knows you’re listening. Don’t over do it. Say thank you when she says she’s done with you. Go back to your seat. and then wait, and wait more… until the officers have finished screening everyone.
  3. Everyone will be invited to leave the room for the officer to pick out the successful ones. You’ll then be all invited back in for the results. You’ll either get a “Congratulations, you have successfully passed this stage of the….” or a “We regret we cannot…”. This will be the procedure between each screening or assessment.
  4. The successful ones will be invited back into the conference room for an other screening. This time depending on the number of applicants, you may be divided into two groups. They will invite you to fill in a PF16 or Personality Test. This is basically a test to sum up your personality (it has no impact on your success of the screening. You’ll then be invited to pass and english test. Now this test will be decisive. You’ll be given 45 minutes to complete it. It will be an understanding and essay type of test. Nothing too complicated, but requires quite a decent level in English to complete.
  5. You’ll then get the usual Congrats / Regrets procedure…
  6. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to the assessment groups. You’ll be given a group number in which you’ll have to evolve within a group discussion on a given topic/situation. The aim here is to see if you’re likely to develop and react well in a group/team. There’s no right or wrong answers, you only have to gauge your contribution to the group in a good way, politely with confidence and without interrupting your colleagues. Reacting to their opinions and balancing with yours… Recap, re-focus the discussion if necessary, you and your team will have to focus on the objective given by the recruitment officer. She will be taken notes during the entire process and she will then ask if you have all agreed on the situation/topic and will invite you to wait outside while she makes a decision.
  7. You’ll go through the”congrats/regrets” part again.
  8. After that if you’re successful, you’ll be invited the following days for a private 2-to-1 or one2one Final Interview with the recruitment officers where they will ask you multiple questions about previous work experience and hobbies etc. The usual basic interview. They will also put you into situations like “what was the worst customer you had to wait at your restaurant” for example.
  9. That is the last hurdle in the Open Day. More waiting is to come. You’ll be notified by email if you have not succeeded or by phone if you’ve passed.

By That time it’s nearly bed time or way past it.

Once you get your Phone Call (4-6 weeks later) saying you successfully passed your final interview, she will send you details on the medical handbook you’ll have to provide before joining, the date you supposed to be flying in Dubai and the Contract. Yes because you’re not technically hired until you pass the medicals. So you’ll have an extensive list of medical stuff to do :

  1. HIV report
  2. Haemoglobin Count
  3. A Detailed Chest X Ray report about heart and lungs.
  4. Audiogram report & graph (graph is very important for approval of such)
  5. Cervical smear test report (for females only – if applicable)
  6. Dental certificate
  7. Vaccination certificate with the initial course date.
  8. Eye test: we require you to do an eye test whether you are wearing glasses/contact lenses or not

I spent around 350 euros to do all those, most of them will be refunded by French Social Security, but make sure you speak to your General Practician first. It took me around 5 full days to complete

You’ll have to scan and send those medicals via email as soon as you have completed them. And guess what, it’s not over ! You’ll also have to scan & send the signed contract, yours & your relatives passports, birth certificates.

After that you’ll get another call saying you passed the medicals and ready to join.

After receiving the Final Approval call, you’ll be notified by email of the date & time of you leaving flight to Dubai. Emirates wont cover the costs of transportation from your home to the designated ALD airport (ALD “annual leave destination”, the destination you’re entitled to for 1 annual free ticket). You’ll also have to scan and email your “Letter of acceptance of resignation” from your present employer or notify by email Emirates if you’re unemployed.

On joining Emirates (joining starts the day you leave for Dubai with e-Ticket & visa), you will have to give a list of documents listed below :

  • Passport & Entry Permit (With date of arrival & stamp on it)
  • Original Medical & Dental reports with X-rays
  • 20 passport size photographs with blue background (Polaroid & digital not accepted)
  • 4 photographs (size 3’x3.5′) without spectacles nor headgear (GCAA requirement)
  • Original & one set of photocopies of educational/professional qualification certificates for verification purposes only
  • Documentary evidence in English :
    – Copies of Passport & Birth certificates from your parents, spouse, brothers and sisters or other beneficiaries (if unable to submit those when joining you have the option to hand them in to the HR office within 3 months after joining).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Once your Final Approval has been sent to you, you’ll smell the end of “paper work madness / Scan & Email addiction”! This email came on the very last week (on the Tuesday, and supposed to fly out on the Friday). But it doesn’t all end here. You should send them your Letter Of Resignation from your employer (obviously, if you’re not employed, then notify by email). And generally a few days later you’ll get your e-Ticket and Visa. They will be sent by mail so keep a good eye on your inbox. Once that received you’ll have to confirm you have received them, a simple email will do fine.

This was A to Z Joining Emirates Cabin Crew. I will post more stories in a different posts from now on, because this one is getting long and very boring to read. Bookmark this blog for future reference ! I’m flying out on Friday 14th March 2008 and will be updating as much as possible from Dubai providing I can access internet !

Hope this will clarify (or not) your perception of the Open Day and what comes after…

  1. Dude, This is Vijay from India, well I flew with Qatar for 2 years and i am hoping of joining EK now, your post on how it all works is quite useful and I have bookmarked it..gonaa be using it at the right time…Thanks!

  2. done accept this comment!! mail me if you can.. i’ll undergo screening process in some few days..

  3. Hi there, Airboy! 🙂
    I’ve just discovered that there’s going to be an Open Day here in Cyprus. I’m really really into this, and your detailed presentation here of what I’ll go through is amazing.

    Right now I only have one question:
    How do you dress up for the actual Open Day event?
    Business attire??

    Thanks 🙂
    (and good luck on your career)

  4. hey, can I ask you?
    Do they accept candidate that has a denture(just one)
    I would love to join but the prob is at that one denture.

    Thanks for your answers!

  5. Any one have examples of the EK cabin crew English test?

    Have a mate who wants to join and is not a native speaker. Appreciate any help. Rgds V

  6. hello hello:)
    i would like to ask u. i woul like to ask u about english test!!what it is about?can u give just example.
    thank u
    have nice day:)

  7. Hi Airboy,

    thank you for the breakdown you’ve provided for us. I have been wanting to be a cabin crew member for as long as I can remember. I will be attending am assessment day in the coming month. will email you to let you know how it goes….

    Wishing you all the best in Dubai.. and please do update your blog to let us know the good and bad of Dubai, the job and so forth.


  8. hello,

    could you pls help me with some questions sicne i guess you are hired and alreayd know, because i was invited to an assesement day and i would not want to go if i do not stand any chance.
    I have 4 worries:
    1.i am 1.59m, which means 5.2 but i can reach 212cm if i stretch and am on the TIP of my toes, lol
    2. i have ambliopia on my left eye which means i don;t see well with it but can;t war glasses nor contacts, i see perfectly with my right eye but the other one is lazy
    3. i have gluten intolerance, can;t eat anythignt hat ash wheat, rye, barley or oat
    5. i got 2 tattoos, one on m back below my neck and one on my leg, can;t be seen on knee lenght skirt.

    could you pls help?

    1. I also have gluten intolerance Claudia!!!! do you know anything else about this???

      Look Emirates offers gluten-free meals aboard and in Dubai there is plenty of gluten free products.
      The problem is when you have to saty over in different countries. That’smy concern, I dont know if they dont hire people based on that…

      Did you learned something new? Thanks!

  9. Hi. I got into EK and my DOJ is 20 June. But I have yet to do my medicals because I just got my menstruation. I am afraid I won’t have enough time to submit my medicals on time and to give my employer 2 weeks notice. What happens in this case?

  10. I have a question DO I need a USA VIsa to be a cabin crew for Emirates, I really dont like the idea to beg for a visa to the americans, I am mexican and they US people are very picky with us. I want to know cause my open day is next week and I have to be prepared

  11. hey man finally Ive made it for my final interview!!!!! I am so exited about it, Oh my GOD ,The psychometric test was so long ,English test really easy (for me), I was so stress out 120 persons assisted to the Open Day, and 10 was eligible to go to the final stage, and I am one of them, I really follow your advises lol really help …

  12. Thank you for the info, I am not sure if I understood your right but you mentioned that you have to pay for your own ticket to Dubai to go for your medical. Did I understand that correct?

  13. hey i will try to help answer some of these questions if i can ( i myself just through with emirates!)

    1.english test : This test was a series of sections which included a comprehension, vocabulary and written essay sections. Don’t let the idea of a written test scary you, it was actually very easy (simple paragraphs, relatively every day word, a simple essay is all it took, its your English that they are testing not your inner author). Don’t sweat it.

    2. you do not need a US visa to be employed with emirate.

    3. if you need more time to do your medicals( later than your joining date stated on your contract) all you have to do is email them to inform them of this.

    4. for your open day dress in business attire.

    5. you do not need to be able to speak any other languages other than english.

    i hope this helps someone.
    good luck and see you in dubai!

  14. hey airboy,
    is it REALLY forbidden 2 wear a hair scarf as a cabin crew member?!!!!! Je suis tres demoralisee?!!!!it’s a heart break for me!!!!!

  15. Pour le reach test on a le droit de lever les pieds? c’est très serieux comme question parce que sans lver les pieds je ne touche que 2m08…krkrkrkr merci de ta réponse!!

  16. hi~ i’m Jin. I live in Korea.
    I could pick up useful information because of you.
    This web page is full of various people, so wonderful.^^

    I wonder the details of test.
    1. Can you give me a similar case ?
    2. Do all applicants go in for an exam of same questions regardless of their nation?

    I want to fly with EK.
    Have a good time.

  17. Hi! Do you have the details for Vaccination certificate? I mean what diseases we are required to have the vaccination?


  19. i’ve been looking all over facebook for you. cant find you, you said your last name is Viel. Cannot find you D.

  20. Hello, this is Hector from Mexico, I justo got an email with an invitation for an interview with emirates, but Im not sure, is it really worthy? what about money? is it good? any advice that you can give me for my interview, it is very appreciated. Or for taking the right decition… thanks a lot!

  21. hi Airboy

    i just want to know what question they generally ask about costumer service end what was in english test
    it is neccesary to know other foreign language and having 212 cm hgt

    please tell me ,………buy.

  22. Bonjour Airboy! Comment vas tu? D’abord felicitations pour ton forum, tres tres bien et tres claire BRAVO.

    Alors comment ça se passe à Dubai?

    Moi je suis convoquer au Open Day semaine prochaine à Nice. Tas passer ou ton Open Day?

    à bientot,


  24. Bonjour airboy, loving your website – detailed, modern and user friendly.
    Just quickly wondering in USD how much i’d need to look at bringing to live comfortably in Dubai during the 6 weeks training..
    Your reply would be much appreciated,

  25. Hello,

    Very nice blog and informative.
    I found someone hired from Bahrain and she/he took the photographs from a studio in Adliya,
    Can i know the name of the photo studio please…
    I want to be a cabin cre as well…
    Thank you

  26. hi friends,i was sitting yesterday for the final interview with emirates airline,i’ve not been asked to sit for psychometric test, as some collegues have been asked to answer for those questions.is that bad sing for me that i didn’t sit for this test after being in final interview with the two lovely interviewers.
    i hope i’ll get answer ..thank you

  27. Hi there Airboy, i must say you have given us some great information. It is very useful and accurate indeed. Can i suggest you have all this tips be written to this website (www.cabincrewrecuitment.net) I thought it maybe useful for the hopefuls.
    =) salam

  28. i’m the biggest fan of Arsenal FC and football is my favorite game =)
    Emirates is my brand because team is its game. hmmm..
    I want to know more abt teamwork in EK..
    Is it a culture for Dubai? OR
    rather to showcase a multi-cultured race of crews so to achieve a good impression to passengers? OR
    Is it to achieve a peaceful, harmony and friendly working environment for both EK passengers and crew.
    well we mostly need one another when it comes to language barriers or assistance..so is it a natural culture in EK? =)

  29. HI AIRBOY!
    I should admire that you have given us really valuable informations,thank you first of all for your guidance.Today I signed terms& conditions and contrat agreement, and at the moment I’m about to complete medical tests, anyway my question is during your joining process, did you complete the whole vaccine types before going to Dubai? cuz I guess we also can do all of them in Dubai but for sure by deducting froum our salary. Right?

  30. you rock dude! thanks for the info, I have read a bunch of blogs now but yours has been very usefull, i have been on an open day for emirates, and I wans’t succesfull =(.. but I’m happy thought.. I heard from IT a couple of days before and it was all in a rush.. I actually showed up a litle late ( embarassed to say.) plus I just had 4 months with my current employer at that time.. and I think that bothers them a litle cause I couldnt show persistance at work.. plus I was 2 months under 21… soo this time has helped me to investigate a litle more about it.. understand more about this job, and reassure my passion for it. now Im waiting for the next open day to happen.. I’m from Costa Rica by the way.. small & lovely country in central america ( you should come visit if you like nature, party and the beach!!) but I’ve heard they come back almost every 6 months soo….. wish me luck!! hope to meet you some day.. there are a bunch of “ticos” in dubai now.. I hope I can join them soon!!!!
    your site is great you seem like a cool dude and keep enjoying life…


  31. I have low iron in my blood (i plan to eat alot of red meat before getting my blood test done) will low iron deifciency affect my selection process after making the final interview when submitting my Medical Reports??

  32. Hey man, what an AWESOME blog!!!

    I just found it, and I do NEED to share my experience in the last Assessemente day here in Brazil.

    Well, it was everything very good. In the beginning, we were 90 in the room, after the firt dinamic, we were 45 and then 25.
    Dinamics, English Tests, more dinamics. I passed everything ’till the part that they asked us about VISA/LANGUAGES/SCARS/TATTOS.
    Very few and simple question but I was not succed ate that point. And, after that, I wondered why.
    Tha lady asked me if I had tatoos/scars/whatever. And then I said “no. no. no. Ahh, I USED TO wear earrings’

    Ok, that was my last sentence. Cuz after that, among the 15 lefts, I was the only ONE who received the paper saying that “Unfortunatelly, bla bla bla”

    I was like: “OMG, WHAT HAPPENED?”

    So devasted!

    But okey, though.
    I think I should have left my mouth shut about the earring thing.
    But, I will try again in a few months and I’ll be there in Dubai ASAP!

    Anywayz, ur blog is really great. Keep doin’ it!! Merry xmas!

    ps: ur musical taste is awesomeee! MGMT & Lykke li were the greatest things of 2008!!!

    heh. do u have last.fm, didnt ya?
    add me there


    c ya, man!!!
    take care.

  33. Yo mate….Weldone for this blog, I’m going for the open day 2 weeks later, happy to read your blog. Do reply me if you see this so i know you’re there.
    Nice to Meet you
    and hope to see you soon

    Enjoy your life


  34. Hi,
    I have actually gone through all the rounds of interview and the interviewer said they will get back to me but I never got any mails nor phone calls .So what is it all about ?I even mailed them but to no response.Can you kindly let me know what happened then if you have any experience that you have come across..

  35. hi airboy!! i luv this site…..keep up the good work…

    hi ali helmi… you wrote on 10aug08…. could you tell me how it went? have u been accepted even though you have an iranian citizenship? pls let me kno… i have an indian citizenship but iranian passport so really would like to know your outcome….


  36. Cheers on a great site / posts / blog… Is there an age cut-off for Emirates? Luvin this site, many thanx! WIL in NY

    1. To my knowledge, they will try to avoid anyone above 36 years old. And I also heard rumors that they’re going to raise the starting age up to 24. Not sure on the latter though.

  37. What questions do they ask in the interviews and do they reject u if u hav a small tattoo on ur lower back that can be hidden?

  38. a tattoo on ur lower back is fine as it wont be seen… there is a chart on this website that explains it clearly. search for it!!

  39. you have not mentioned the maximum age for men cabun crew recruitment -plz clarify and how i can find my friend cabin crew emirates i hc lost contact with thx i know only first name .

  40. hey….. recession has not affected hiring for cabin crew has it? i heard there is a freeze on the hiring with EK…

    1. Not at all. Not that I know of a recession affecting cabin crew recruitment here at Emirates. On average 90 new joiners every week. Seeing all the Open Days planned and all the aircrafts needing crew, I do not see it going slow either !

  41. Hi there Airboy, i must say you have given us some great information. It is very useful and accurate indeed. Can i suggest you have all this tips be written to this website (www.cabincrewrecuitment.net) I thought it maybe useful for the hopefuls.
    =) salam

  42. Hi, great blog.

    I have a tattoo on my forearm, though it’s not a usual tattoo, it’s actually a cultural one that was given to me at 14. Its a decorative 5cm band.

    Wondering if Emirates would make an allowance for this? Also, don’t male flight attendants have to wear trousers and shirts anyway?

    Thanks 🙂

  43. Cheers for the response, yes I am male.

    Glad to hear that it would be alright.

    Thanks again, take it easy 🙂

  44. hi airboy

    wat a nice job u did, well i have a question am mauritian i have apply several time for the cabin crew position on the web site of emirates i have never get any answer now am in dubai do u think the process will be easy for me to apply for the job and i have 6 years of experiance in call center in mauritius and i was a team leader .



  45. i am girl,how if with a small tatoo butterfly,stay accepted?
    i think butterfly is beautiful,and that is my self expression..i love art too..thank you!! and i am waiting the answer

  46. Hi i shahzad hassan i found airboy in emirates airlines so please tell me how many things are necssary became a airboy!


  47. Hey…I have been trying with emirates for last two years, they haven’t call me?????
    Do u know WHY???

  48. Hello to all,

    I have worked for Emirates close to 9 years. For those of you who are thinking of joining, remember being a ‘trolley dolly’ is not all so glamorous as it sounds.

    It is hard work (physically) and you do work around the clock. Emirates recruitement standards have dropped and due to the large demand of crew needed, the selection is not as strict. However, saying that they do need to see you in business attire on the selection day.
    English is must! All training and all exams are done in English. The trainers are on a strict schedule and everyday you will be overloaded with information and homework will be given. Early starts are required in the Training College and by the time you are done, you come home exhausted.
    Currently accommodation given by the company are appartments close to Sharjah. No longer are the glamorous apartments available in Central Shk Zayed Road. This means that transportation to and from work is provided but if you are looking in purchasing a car, on a Grade 2 salary …. forget it! This is where you fall into the trap of getting personal loans in Dubai. There is no wrong in getting one but should you want to leave the Emirates remember all financial accounts ie bank account and loans must be terminated prior to cancelling your visa!

    Being part of the Emirates group there are good and bad and the list could go on. Your staff travel perks will kick in after 6 months of the company. That is an advantage, however, realistically, when you do have the opportunity to travel on an ID90 you are better off travelling in a off peak season in order to get on flights. With the recession, Emirates have dropped there prices and are offering low fares at the moment, which makes it harder for staff to get on flights!

    I do however recommend, for females only, should you be successful in joining EK and have been upgraded into J Class (Business) it is worth asking your Cabin Crew Manager in referring you to the Royal Airwing Group. This is where I personally was earning an excellent salary.
    Sorry boys …. they only accept females!

    I wish all future candidates all the best. Elle

    1. Hello, Elle!
      maybe you can provide some light on my dilemma: I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE, it’s realistic to apply as a cabin crew? I’m mostly concerned as to what would I be able to eat when I have to stay 24 or 48 hs in different countries…
      Did you ever met someone with this condition while working there?

  49. oh well..

    I’ve been waiting emirates airlines for almost a year..

    I already signed a contract and finished with my medical for CSA (Cabin Services Assistant) position last July ’08.

    unfortunately, 7 of us left here when my other batch mates officially joined Emirates last Nov ’08.

    an email was sent to us last jan ’09 saying that they cannot process our application until further notice (probably 6-9 months) 🙁

    I’m losing hope..

    1. Maybe it’s because they’ve hired enough CSAs for their current aircrafts. When more A380s will join the fleet, they will give you a call. That’s my take on this !

    2. I was hired…so I think, in Jan08 and because of the economic crisis they pushed it to august, which turned into october. I will now be meeting with them on the 26 to discuss the next step.
      I went through all the interviews and photo process, but not the medical. It ended up being left to about 4 of us if I can remember. Now I just read that they are doing another hiring on the 24th. Im just so confused at what to expect.

  50. i really hope so! thank you so much!

    “Due to the current economic climate and the need for the business to reassess all positional requirements, I regret to advise that we will not be able to take your application further at this stage.

    Your application has been placed on our ‘reserve’ file and in the event that our recruitment needs change, we will be in contact to re-establish your continued interest in the position at which time we will advise you accordingly.”

    Above is just a part of the email sent to me.

    Do you think that they will still process my application as soon as Emirates recovered with the current Economic Crisis?

    1. this message is for ythel…

      I also had my interview for CSA position last year. I would just like to know if they contacted you lately for reassesment?

      will you be able to post here the list of the medical tests you underwent?


  51. I wanted to know where and who do I contact if I wanted a job in zurich airport? Please guide me through to the correct person or dept.


  52. HI! Can anyone tell me if i have a chance to be accepted if i have a light brown spot on my elbow?

  53. hai to all my name is sreeja i am searching the job in airlines if any kind of job i will do it my aim is to worked in airlines i attach me cv also

    Curriculum Vitae

    Application for the post of Receptionist / Telephone Operator / Office Assistant /
    Suitable Position

    To extend and enhance my knowledge by securing a responsible and challenging position, in an organization that offers excellent opportunity and to maintain a high standard of service for administrative support with my skills and experience and for contributing competency to manage the efforts for the overall success of the organization.

    • Dynamic and customer service oriented
    • strong assertive and proactive personality
    • Execellent typing speed
    • Vast knowledge of telephone techniques
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • Interfacing with all departments
    • Responsible for managing the busy functions
    • Administrative skills to ensure the smooth operations of the management
    • Organizing meetings, seminars and support for office administration

    • Worked as a Data entry operator in India THE COMORIN MATCHES
    PRIVATE LTD., from Jan 08 to Feb09..
    • Worked as a Receptionist cum Reliance customer care operator (mobile
    company) in India from july 06 to Dec 07.

    • Public relations
    • Processing e-mails
    • Data entry operation and filling of office documents
    • Telephone operation
    • Day today office functions
    • Arranging meeting
    • Administrative tasks
    • Assisting the set up of the new offices
    • Assisting and coordinating all activities and responsible for information requests

  54. >>>>for ythel…..

    hello there! I am also one of those CSA whose application is still pending until now…
    I have received the same email as yours.

    Mr. AirbOy, pls help us… we need your advise if they are really going to re-cOntact us as soOn as EK recovered from the crisis..?

  55. i was very excited before reading all that you wrote here,but now i’m very dispirited because all steps to become a cabin crew at emirates seems imposible.i think is very hard to get there,at the emirates …

  56. hi,

    i am a person who is trying to for a cabin crew job,, and i have some small scares and i am undergoing a treatment for that now… so now itz almost gone have little ..so if i go for the interview now will they reject me ?

    1. Yes, you need to know the basics of swimming. And anything that comes from the ocean I will not eat. But I’ll go for the black peppa chickin’

  57. i am 29 years old,and married.is it possible for me to join emirates as cabin crew? i hope i am not too old.. what about being married?do emirates accept married women?i dont have any children by the way. Thanks.

    1. I think if you are married is not a problem in my company a lot of woman are married and have children…so don’t worry!

  58. greetings to u airboy.

    well, i am from mauritius n have already gone through interviews and selected beginning of 2009. completed my medical also.however i received an email telling me that they are withdrawing their offer for the moment and shall get back to me…its been 8 months already and no news till now…got friends working at emirates already and they telling me that aviation college will open soon…but when..? do you have an idea..?? although i have been selected, its been great stress since the selection exercises and now am depressed waiting in vain…no need to mention the costs of the medical exams reports,vaccination and fax n emails n phone calls!!!pfffeeww!!…so what would u have as info for me..? looking forward for a reply very soon…cheers

    1. Sam & Nizar,

      As soon as I have coherent and sourced information about the recruitment process taking place, be assured I will provide extensive information on the matter. Do not expect any news before the end of December. It is more likely to be in the early months of next year !

  59. Hi sam…
    I`m in the same situation waiting for emirates sine last february.My joining datye was the last 8th of march.fortunately, now I`m working with Air atlanta Icelendic based in jeddah…but still working with EK was a dream then, everything……….bufff
    Any way, I hope Sodwee will help us if any news happen.Merci Parisien pour tout et bon courage.Peut etre on se verra a bengladech dhaka lol
    A bientot
    A propos de tres belles photos

  60. Hi Airboy!
    It’s so Nice of You to give us a detailed background on How to become an FA for emirates. I would like to asked if how often are you allowed to take on vacation within a year? Are you allowed once a month or quarterly to go back home? Hope for your response! I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  61. hi sodwee!
    I really appreciate your response on my email, but i hope you would answer my question regarding the numbers of vacation? still waiting for your answer. thanks! Ur an inspiration to us!

  62. You get 30 days of vacation a year, half must be taken before for the first half of the year in any manner, minimum 5 days at a time , you can also take all your 30 days at once.

  63. Hello, I’m a candidate of Emirates Airline Cabin Crew. I hoped to register for Assessment day at Brisbane, Australia, 30, 09, 2009, but the advertisement at the Internet Homepage of Emirates is closed. How can I get invitation from Emirates??

      1. thx so much i know that i have to bbe 212 arm reach but i dont know how to measure i mean is my hieht appropriate or tell me wht 212 es equal in hieght?

  64. HI EVERYONE! im planning to go to dubai by january 2010..Any info if there will be an open days hiring for cabin crew postion directly from dubai? thanks

  65. hi there! i do know that the minimum age to join emirates is 21…ill be 21 in 3 months.. can i still attend the interview next week? i would really appreciate your help! rhank you in advance!

  66. Hope you guys attend an open day where you get to be screened by emirates representatives and not some agency that knows sh*t about what they are doing, I went through a preselection here in Morocco and it was BS! the interviewers could hardly speak any english which was funny, it was emirates partner agency here in rabat! I cant imagine how pissed I am, I wouldnt have felt this way if I was interviewed and turned down by the people in charge at the emirates HR Cuz I kno they are experienced professionals and they know what they are lookin for exactly! Im looking for the next open day here, I havent given up yet! but I just wouldnt reapply if the same uncapabale people would interview me again!

  67. let me tell you about some of the crappy things they did:

    1/ They called the majority one day prior to the so called interview while others were called way before.

    2/ They asked us to bring a cv and a picture, but then while they asked us to introduce ourselves they didnt bother asking about the cv? now seriously how can this be? all they had is a list with our names without any further details on it!

    3/ the interviewers did not speak any good english, Im not even bothered by their accent, I do teach english and I expect that the people in charge should at least have a decent level of english!

    4/ they had a reach out test
    and a weigh in but lol they didnt bother about our height? now how can tht be? our weight should be checked in relation to the height I believe!!

  68. How do I get in contact with the FACE CLUB in terms of wanting to offer discounts from my company for FACE CARD holders?

  69. hello people of the world!…I’d like just ask something…Im not able to reach 212cm…I can reach something like 208cm…is it really a problem or I can try?? thank you =)

  70. what kind of maths does emirates ask i have an interview on tuesday and i am really worried coz i am not good at maths

    1. I really think that maths is not the main argoment of the interview! don’t worry good luck and let me know!

      1. hey i did the final interview on the 5th of nov but havent received any news from them still waiting for the golden call

  71. I registered for the Open Day in Bratislava, Slovakia on 14th November, however havent received an invitation yet.. Is it still worth going there with out invitation too or does it mean that they are not interested already?

  72. hi am waqas i am poor person but free off b.a examations i need too job for fly emirates i like cabin crew job plz help me reply me harry up am good looking and hand some boy.bye thx…….

  73. hi airboy!
    Am samson opollo form kenya.how I go to be in this space God knows!Thank you for all the infos you have provided it rally gave me a wake up call on my career as cabin crew.
    I dont have customer service experience what i have is good education background ,I was best student in swimming,i have already applied with emirates on line its my first time .
    am 21 and I dont mind living my country to go work in a foreign country i love visitng new places and flying is muy passion.
    I have finnished diploma in cabin crew am tall more tha 212cm ,
    what shoul i do while still waiting to be replied?.i shall be glad to hear from you.THAX

  74. hai airboy………well i have a tatoo on my back of my neck exactly on the shoulder level………is this thing going to effect me???

  75. hey airboy i had my interview as a cabin crew in lebanon and now i have my final interview in few days …may u help plz giving me some hits on what to do and what not to do ? and any samples of the type of questions they may be askin ? thank u in advance

  76. hi airboy! Thank you so much for all those usefull information. Today there was an open day for interviews for Emirates, here in Greece and I went. They did the presentation of the company with videos and a long speech but afterwards they told us that we are way too many people there (150 people), so they asked us to leave our CVs and one photo and go home. They told us if they are interested in some of us, they will give us a call and we will have to go back to meet with them in 2 days. The procedure here was a little different from other open day interviews I have read so far. It almost felt like they were not interested to hire anyone, but just went along to have an open day event anyways (maybe to show off to other competitive airlines that the economical crisis has not affected them). Anyway, I’m just saying that the whole thing was a little odd. All the people, who have gone to an open day event for Emirates, have discribed a different procedure for the first day of the open interviews.

  77. Currently I am still studying nursing in Australia and I went back to Kuala Lumpur on 2 weeks ago just specific for the EK interview. I had passed through all the interviews on the last Assessment Day in Kuala Lumpur. I remember when I back to hotel room after finished my Final Interview, I had a big cry.. Because everything went well but not in my Final Interview. I was interviewed by only 1 panel and she did asked me alot of questions which made me stutter.. Obviously I did not prepare with that kind of questions. The panel who interviewed me was looking unhappy and dissatisfied with my answer too. I think I might not get the position but I really really want it so much!! After that interview I feel very very down and lack of spirit even until now. I think I am nearly nervous breakdown.. I start to interview with various of airline companies since 18. I did worked as a cabin crew when I was 19, but at that time I was too playful and did not appreciate with it. So I quit after 1 year for the sake of my ex-boyfriend.. After seperated with my ex-bf, I tried many airlines again but my luck was very bad. So that’s why I am studying something first for now. It’s been 2 weeks after the Final Interview and my heart is beating strong when I go to check my email everyday. Many people told me that once I have gave up something it is very hard to get it back again. Now I am 22 and consider not young anymore. Everyday I pray and make a remorse to the god please let me get the job again..

  78. helo airboy… do u have any idea regarding the calender dates about the open/assessment days in 2010….coz it wud help me plan accordingly… cheers….

  79. Hi Sodwee, I had problem in downloading the Pre-Employment Medical Examination Form. When I click the link in the portal, it doesn’t work at all. Do you still keep any copy of that form? I just received the email from EK group today, and the deadline is another 1 week. I don’t think my health report will be done in a week thou. So may I know is there any problem if I upload my medical report after the deadline? Thank you.

  80. Hi Sodwee, I have a question want to ask you. Regarding the Declaration which I’ve signed, may I know is it scanned and send it back to the email address which I’ve received? Or I just upload to the Candidate Portal?

  81. i’ve been flying for two years and would love to shift to EK. is maternity leave part of the benefits after tenure?
    in case I have plans to have babies in the future?

  82. Hi Sodwee, there is something bothering me. Today when I went for my medical check-up, my doctor said my scoliosis is quite serious. May I know will it be affected my chance to get into the EK?

  83. Hi Sodwee, I have done all my pre-employment medical check up and everything is ok, except for my scoliosis degree is thorax 26 and lumbar 32. The EK condition is not over than 30 degree. Do you think would that be acceptable by EK?

  84. Hi Sodwee, I just got an email from EK that my offer has been withdrawn. I have received the final approval that asked me to send my resignation acceptance letter to them and I replied that currently I’m unemployed so I can’t provide them the letter. Is it because of this reason so they withraw my offer? I have been through all the stages thou. Or it is just a mistake?

  85. does ek make mistakes on such important matters and with people’s lives?? no wonder some candidates are still on hold since feb 2009.!!! pfewww and the recent crew they hired in dec 2009…am told they are well BELOW the level and standards to work within an airline…

    lets wait and see whats next…some candidates are contemplating to sue that airline…id love to hear the outcome… cheers everyone.

    1. Sam, I don’t think you have a valid point here. I do not know where you get your information from, but saying that crew hired in December 2009 are “well BELOW the level and standards to work for an airline” seems a little out of context. You do not have the criterias on which Emirates recruits nor do I. So let’s say you’re just quick into making conclusions.

      Why would they want to sue the airline ? If you can give us more details, that would be appreciated.

      Happy New Year.


  86. hi sodwee,

    I’m a male and I shaved my hair totally bold, I have an open day January 15th, today is January 6th. I heard that Emirates does not accept bold guys in there interview. should I wear a wig? what do you think.

  87. Hello,
    Thanks for the information they are very useful. I want to know if teeth braces are allow at Emirates because am wearing teeth braces and I’ll be going for the interview this January.

  88. Has anyone been rejected after going through the on2one or 2-to-1 interview ?Please enlighten !I hv an open day this coming weekend and am so nervous but I am preparing myself in any aspect possible.

  89. could anyone tell me when EK open for interview in jakarta, indonesia since march 2009 their never open anymore here, I try to check they website but jakarta not there for their schedule, if anyone knows lemme know, thx

  90. Hi, Sodwee.

    Was that your first time(EK) applying for airlines industry? when you got hired.

    Have you ever been apply any other airlines?

    P.S. EK Open days is coming, hope to see u in Dubai, HAH!

  91. i am almost 5 in height but my arm reach is only 205 cm. can i still apply in EK?
    and also my weight i don’t know if it commensurate with the height or not my weight (55 kg)…(121 pound) Please care to respond to my question


  92. I am almost 5 f in height & (121 pound) 55 kg Z& my arm reach is only 206 cm. can i still apply in EK?

  93. Hi Sodwee; thx a lot you have done very good job, as like me many and many people seeking job to be cabin crew.

    just i came to know tht 12th march in Paris Emirates going to have open days, just three days left, if i apply now will they have time to invites or shall i go directly to spot.

    As per France Govt rules and regulation i have been passed CFS and Medically fit for to become flight attendant, and i have few experience in the airport fields, such as loader, passenger handling and security officer and i have been worked travel agency for the period of six month .

    is there any grammair test

    Kindly suggest me and i am looking forward
    Thanking you in advance
    Wish you have a nice days

  94. hi,
    Sodwee i have a question. two years ago i applied and was accepted by Emirates. i was unable to go due to a family matter. I’m going to another open day soon ( i got an invitation email). what are the chances that they would take someone who turn them down before even though it was out of my control! please help.

  95. Hi Sodwee,

    Thanks for the info, it’s very useful.
    I was wondering thought, as I am from a country in which French is the second language, if I should get the medical stuff (certificates, etc) translated into English.
    What do they want to see on the certificates? I used to smoke, that might be visible on the lung thing, is that a problem?
    I had a tooth problem once but now it’s fixed and not visible, although my dentist might have to put it in the report, is that an issue? Would they turn my application down for this?

    Merci beaucoup 🙂

  96. Airboy,kindly tell me how to measure the requirement i.e 212cms on tiptoes.Do i stand on my toes,extend my arms and stretch till 212cms?I have travelled several times by air before and i can reach the overhead compartments with no effort.

  97. Hello sodwee,i am just wondering,does emirates employ married women with children as cabin crew as long as they have the looks and are physically fit for the job?I am 32yrs old.

  98. Hey. I found your information so helpful.
    One question; does Emirates hire HIV+ persons?
    Thank You.

      1. what about other airline companies. in Europe generally and in the UK specifically? Any ideas?

  99. Hello,
    I wanna go on OD soon but I wear glasses or contacts.Is that problem if you have diopter?It is not that big but I have it.
    Thank you

  100. Hi Airboy,
    I live in a Spanish speaking country so my medical exams will be in Spanish, will they accept them that way or should I get them translated? Can I translate them myself?

    1. Hola Maria, de donde eres? ya estas trabajando para EK? yo estoy en el proceso, soy de Colombia. Espero tu respuesta!

  101. hi Sodwee,

    do you think a light make up for man is acceptable ? just to cover some dark circle and pimples scar…

  102. Hello Sodwee,
    I will attend an open day very son. I was wondering if I can wear coloured contact lenses or I should just wear transparent. Thank you.

  103. Hi
    I am attending an open day in Australia. I am 27 years old and believe I meet all of the requirements they are looking for, however, when I was younger I was charged with a DUI charge in Australia (.01 over the legal alcohol limit to drive) which is a minor offence, however, I still gained a conviction on my record (very embaressing and regretful). Do you think this will affect my application to obtain a working visa?

  104. Hi there!

    Thanks for the details!

    I wanna ask you:

    In december, I’ll be leaving for Dubai (I’m moroccan from Montréal) in a family is place and wanna send my application there… I think the processus will be a bit different no? (The interview part, waiting, etc…)

    And is it true, they check if you have any scars in your arms. Cause I have two small ones: one can be hide with my watch and the other one is on the side of my wrist…


  105. hello! thank you for all the information, I already went to the open day and got through to the next step which will be in 6 days. I will definitely come back to the blog with some questions.

    thank you!

  106. hi

    i have been invited to the preliminary interview for emirates decemeber the 18th
    i read a lot about screening and tests , and i’m so nervous this has been my dream job since i was a young girl.

    anyhow , a bit worried on how make up should be and what are on the tests.
    i read a lot about contracts been with held by emirates ,what happens when you resign with the current employer?

    i’m quiet nervous as i would really love to make it through

    what happens if they find out that you have e.g an infection that can be treated will they still take you after the mdeicals??

  107. Hi, my name is Michelin Tucker from Ghana.I had my AD on the 27 feb 2011 and had my final interview on the 1st of march 2011. some of my friends have been called and others have seen changes in their accounts but mine hasn’t changed since i was called for the AD. still Under Review. can you please tell me what it means as anxiety is killing me though i am sooo positive about it

      1. Hey
        Great information on your blog.Do you still work for them?Why are they hiring so often?Is like nobody wants to stay for long time or …?By the way whats the minimum you can stay with them.Can i join them for like 6 months…1 year and then quit?
        What about the payment.I Heard they pay you like a standard amount and then they pay per hours of flights and ow many hours a week do you fly?(please dont tell me “depends”)
        and the last one…. how often do u get to stay 2-3 days in other destinations?I mean i suppose your work 5 days a week and u get 2 days off ?!
        My idea about this jobs is that u get to stay and visit the destinations.How often is that happening.Like how many times a month.
        Many thanks and i would really appreciate it if you could get back soon.
        I`m attending the open day next tuesday in Dubln.

      2. I Anca, Thanks for your comment. They have a high turnover, more so when the bonus gets paid out in May, so they are busy recruiting for that critical period just before 2012 summer holidays, busy getting all the rookies up to scratch & standards. They are also getting a huge number of aircraft deliveries for which they need the extra staff.
        There’s no limit, you can resign whenever but you might not get the Training retention back if you leave too early.

        Yes pay is split in two bulks. The basic salary which is around (TBC) 3980 dhs per month and an average flying which – i’m sorry to disappoint here – DEPENDS on how much you fly. You will be flying around 90 to 100 hours per month. On reserve you could be sitting around and not fly or even fly way over the average. It’s all very relative to how you fly. Don’t forget you also entitled a per-diem on layovers in the local currency which I saw as a good way to round off my paycheck quite nicely.

        Usual layover is 24hrs and depends on frequency of rotation (daily flight, double daily, thrice a week). You will get 8 days off per calendar month, you could work a 3 day trip get 1 day rest and 1 day off then go on a 9 day trip. rest outstation is considered duty covered by your per-diem for food at hotel. You can visit but the job isn’t as glamorous as you’d think. It takes a huge toll on your body, and before you know it, you could be fatigued for months on end !

  108. Hello Fly,
    I am sorry I had a problem opening ur FAQ. I want to apply for job but i dont know if its a problem if I have children?!?! I have in plan to move to Dubai with my familly, my husband is pro. football player and our children are belingual and used to this way of life. Will the fact that i am a mother be taken as a -?
    Thank you

  109. hey there. i found this web page quite helpful and organised thank you very much for providing and sharing this information with everyone. i just regret not finding it before my assessment day. ahaha i’ve done mine in London 25th of October and went through all the screening processes and down to the final interview, once in it i was asked quite a lot of questions about work experiences and costumer service situations in general, either i was just too excited to think straight or i was too nervous to do it, i ended up forgetting to ask what are the odds or the probabilities to be accepted after the final interview and also whether boys are more easily accepted than girls or not. thank you very much hope to hear an aswer from you in case you got one =)

    1. If you made it to the final interview, you have a good chance of getting through providing there’s no glitch with your file and medicals…

      1. oh cool. i guess i just have to wait then and see wether i get a call or an email. thank you =)

  110. hi, thanks for this site, I was working for QA and now I’d love to join EK,
    but, now I’m married and have one children, one of the reasons to leave QA was to get married as they didn’t allow me cz of the 5 years single’s policy that they have,
    so please brother, tell me, do you think is there a prob when i’ll mention my reason to have left QA? are they taking married women? what have u heard abt it? thanks for your time, pls try to answer me :$ …

  111. Hi Flyboy, I applied for an Emirates cabin crew position on 17th November and was called and offered a position on the 24th Dec, It is now the 20th Jan, and I have completed all of my medical forms, vaccinations etc.. I have not yet heard anything else from my HR Manager and the next section of the candidate portal has not yet opened up for me to complete.
    Do you have any idea how long I am meant to wait, or if you think I have just missed something??.. I’m so anxious to find out if I’ve been approved to fly over for training! 😀

  112. Hey.. Thanks for all the information its really helpful. I want to apply to be an FA for Emirates and wanted to know if they allow muslim females to wear their headscarf. Pls reply. Thank you very much 🙂

  113. can some one help please im thinking of applying for emirates cabin crew but i have a problem i have a tattoo on my back very similar to victoria beckhams & even with a shirt on you can still slightly see it at the top of my neck. is there any point in applying will the reject me straight away? does anyone no of anyone who has been excepted to work for emirates who has a tattoo?
    any help would be grateful xx

  114. I applied around a month ago and i still havent recieved an email of invitation from them. they are coming here after 4 days. so do i still have a shot of being called for screening?

  115. Am a lady aged 28 years and would like to know when there will be an opening date in Kenya. Thank you

  116. If it starts at 9am, am i allowed to be about 10am in the morning? Because my flight lands at 9.15am. Looking forward to your response.

  117. Hi,
    I would like to know, after working for emirates for 2/3 years, is there any chance to ask a transfer to france (paris or nice) and still be cabin crew but base in france ?

    1. Sam, all crew are based in Dubai and Dubai only. The only outstation staff are ASM (airport station managers) and these positions are likely to be years before they become available. Commuting is not an option with EK.

  118. Hi

    What are the requirements regading teeth? How perfect do they have to be? I noticed the Emirates girls teeth are flawless……

  119. Hi guys, what about color blind people? I have a red-green deficiency and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fail on the color plates tests…do you know if this is a no-go for becoming EK cabin crew? THank you!

  120. Hey Sodwee.. My offer has been withdrawn, they haven’t told me why but I think it’s because of a very mild dry skin condition on my upper arms.. Have you ever heard of anyone appealing their offer withdrawal? And with success? Would really appreciate a reply.. Thank you 🙂

  121. hi! sowee, howdy? your blog is very useful and very informative. I am also taking my chance to apply as CSA at emirates. I completed my online application in EK and still having second thought in applying in an agency which they posted EK is need of CSA. should i still apply through the agency or just wait for EK to call me? thank you so much for your reply.

  122. Hello Sodwee, thank you for this amazing blong and for the helpful article. I just want to ask you i am algerian and there are no open days in Algeria, and one of my friends told me that if I apply online they will not take it seriously as if I go for an open day; so I want to know what should I do and how? please answer me and thank you another time for you supportive help my god bless you

    1. I advice you to go abroad and pass an open day in another country. I passed an open day in August , I took place in Paris FRANCE. I succeed , with six other people: One is a marrocan woman, another one is from Poland and another came from Japan. So I think there is no frontiers depraving to apply abroad.

      1. Hello, thanks for the support and i am willing to do so, wish me luck and please if there are any advice u can give me, i will be pleased. thank you again.

  123. Hi Air Boy!!

    Reading this post has made me get even more excited.

    I stay in Dubai itself and want to apply next year (I’m a student of Emirates Aviation College-Final year). I’m definitely sure the info you’ve provided will come in handy next year..

    BUT! I’m just a bit worried as next year EK is cutting back on so many flights during the Runway renovation for 3 months..so I wonder if that happens, the number of flying hours would be less when compared to right now for crew members..and if that happens will the recruitment stop temporarily :(?


  124. Can you tell me if one can quit in the first year (probably after the probation time)? Or do I have to pay any fines/taxes …in this case?

  125. Hi,

    I have a question. It says I have to bring 6 passport sized photos and two full body sized – does that mean I have to take six different passport photos, or just six copies of the same photo? Just want to be sure – showing up with the “wrong” alternative would seem stupid.:D

  126. Hello, I was accepted to Emirates as stewardess (finish my medicals and all), but I also got an employment for an indeterminate term in my own profession (marketing). I am in a bit of dilema what to do now. I really want to go to Dubai bit still, it’s very hard nowdays to get indeterminate employment.

    How hard it is to find a job once you finish your career as cabin crew?

    Thans for the answer!

  127. hi, I have 1 question, as m married and I want to join EK as a cabin crew, so can my wife go with me to Dubai very first time (as soon as I join EK), plz help me out as m eager to know. thanks in advance

  128. Hello Sodwee.

    I am an applicant from Portugal, and I am curious, how long exactly did they take to answer to your application? I applied on September 1st, and the assessment day is on September 20th. Is there any chance that I’ll get an answer in time?

  129. Hi, is there any idea of Emirates Health check steps in Dubai after the joining date? Do we have to take clothes off? Do we have to attend a swimming class there?

  130. In regards to your benefits/perks as an member, were you allowed to fly your friends/family for free or at a discounted rate? How did that process work? THANKS in advance 🙂

  131. Salut !
    Merci pour toutes ces précisions. Je vais partir pour Dubaï dans quelques semaines, cependant j’ai encore quelques questions :
    J’ai voulu savoir si je pouvais quitter Emirates avant les 3 ans prévu (comme tu l’as fais) mais une connaissance m’a dit que je devrais les rembourser si jamais je pars au bout d’un ans ?? Est ce vrai ?
    Et est ce si difficile physiquement de suivre le rythme ?
    Tu penses que c’est réellement un plus pour le CV davoir travaillé pour eux ?

    Merci davance 🙂

  132. Hi Sodwee, my name is Jade Callaghan, I work for Emirates Airline, as you know the life of cabin crew is not as glamorous as everyone thinks.
    Please help me to tell my story.

    It all started when my friend and ex colleague Mohamed Tarek(he has since been fired from Emirates for drug use) introduced me to a few local Government guys, they took me to clubs, VIP areas, paid for drinks, their homes with unlimited alcohol, then they started expecting sexual favours.

    I stopped seeing them but that was the start of my trouble.

    Like any young girl today I posted a lot of pictures of drinking and partying and one where I kissed a girl, fellow crew member as a joke,on snapchap and Instagram, big mistake.

    The pics are now emailed to the police, out of context

    All of a sudden a senior Emirates Manager started calling and messaging me, he guaranteed me an early upgrade to first class, good rosters but I had to keep partying with and entertaining the government guys.

    Now the harassment does not stop, I can’t tell on the senior manager, I have changed both my mobile and apartment numbers yet the calls continue, they have the means to get my details
    My CCM change all the time, Whitney Bourne, Katherine Bique and Roisin Vaughan, my life is hell, in police station, group security all the time.

    Apart from the police, Gulanar Nizari, Head of the Executive Office of HH recieved emails.

    I am being accused of getting drunk in public, on layovers, calling sick, doing drugs and offering sex.
    I am not completely innocent, I have been drunk a lot, in Dubai and on layovers, I know Emirates will see it on my bank statements and EK platinum discount cards and I have been present while guys did drugs.
    I attended house parties and I did kissed a in public. Normal for a young girl in Dubai

    Emirates, suspended me, put me back on active duty, this month I am on standby, someone with lots of influence is pulling the strings.
    The reason for the post is to warn cabin crew, Dubai and Emirates are not always what it seems, they have a dark side, don’t get seduced by the money and wealth, you will live a life of pure hell, these people won’t let you break free.
    Be careful out there girls

  133. Thanks for sharing your experience, sadly Emirates isn’t recruiting anymore or they at least changing their career site to launch the recruitment process once again, Emirates events are likely to pop up again as the web change would make an enormous sense. Thanks for your help

  134. I am from ethiopia,betty,I got cabincrew certificate from ethiopia airline and I have level two certificate of marketing and I have one year exprience of customer service in international company ,I apply online to emirate ,at what day they will send invitation by email

  135. Thank you so much. Their website does not state anything that is why I asked….however, I feel I have little chances now that I am 31. I guess they would definitely prefer someone at the age of 25.

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