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Since their 2015 debut track “Cheapest Flight” and the follow-up and all round quality jam “Sunburnt Through The Glass”, the London quartet PREP have been hard at work with remixes, getting remixed and putting together some full live-band action on their first ever string of live performances opening for Massive Attack and TV On The Radio but also prepping for a headline show they’ve sold out in London next October 12th.

Today PREP uploaded the latest track “Who’s Got You Singing Again” and it’s a winner boys & girls. Another infectiously smooth and soulful track you need to play ! If you have no idea what on earth we’re going on about, please head to the PASSPORT section further down and indulge in their previously shared tracks for a quick refresher.

The band has quite the skill-set on hand ranging from an hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ, and a singer songwriter. Sonically, the four-piece blends a very catchy, singalong inducing blend of tasty funk, classy R&B and snazzy jazz that results in some very forward thinking colorful pop. Something to play with your friends on a quayside at sunset with a fresh bevvie in hand, and good laughs all around. Listen to “Who’s Got You Singing Again” below :


[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared tracks by PREP”]

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  1. I don’t know this band, I should see their musics and see if is good or not… Let’s see if they have good musics or not. The first song on SoundClare is nice.

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