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Hey people. Just back from a fabulous event organised by Brooklyn Brewery called Mash and just so happened I’ve had a brilliant time there catching up and getting up to speed with The Invisible from London, and the awesomeness that is Petite Noir (Interviewed by Sophie here).

A new section of the website is being birthed today too. And we’re very excited and proud to present our new Gig Review by Sodwee.com. We’ll be giving marks to all the live shows we attend, benchmarking the concert experience for Parisians mainly but not only. We’ve asked our intrepid contributors to participate and rate their live shows too. From New York, to San Francisco, via Copenhagen and London as well as Paris of course. A fleury of live shows and performance will be reviewed in a short-form format with pictures, snaps and snippets where available.

You too can give your rating by simply mousing-over the reader/visitor review bar in the module and we’ll be ranking our concert experiences over time. If you have photos you would like to add to the collection, don’t hesitate to send them over : ben[at]sodwee.com . We’ll add them without a problem.

Hope you’ll enjoy our newest addition to an already pretty exhaustive reading experience, and hope you’ll engage with us into rating/benchmarking the live scene here in Paris, and elsewhere around the world.

So without further ado. Here’s our first review of the talented Petite Noir whom we covered a few times already. Indulge.

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