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We are a little late to the buzz. We admit. But like any good, timeless music out there, there’s no real rush to enjoy the kind of masterpiece we are subjected to on Los Angeles based Kadhja Bonet‘s (pronounced “kod-ya” if you were wondering…) debut album ‘The Visitor’ that dropped on October 21st last year. Plenty of time then to digest and let the 8-track body of work to really sink in.

Classically trained on violin, viola, flute and guitar. Kadhja Bonet mastered the skill of composition fairly early it seems and just pours all of the acquired knowledge into this debut album. Every sense is put to work here. With beauty and delicacy, with silences and the perfect amount of assurance on each note, from each instruments to her own vocal range and projection. Kadhja Bonet is hard to place, hard to pigeon-hole. She’s awesomely at ease in all of the genres and styles she undertakes. Effortlessly pulling you into a cotton-filled glass box hanging half-way between the most beautiful landscapes Earth can offer and the empty vastness of a beautiful sunset close to the heavens. The kind of sunset you can only witness from the window of an aircraft at 38,000 feet in the air. Above all the hustle and bustle of terrestrial life. It’s in that void, where oxygen is thin, where sound is compacted and weightlessness starts to take precedence that Kadhja Bonet’s music is (probably) best heard.


It took the processing power of Fresh Selects and Fat Possum, both highly respected record labels, to push this album to the front stage and into the limelight. And because of their combined brilliant past track record, including but not limited to Fat White Family, Black Keys, Temples, Youth Lagoon, The Last Artful Dodgr and many many more it was only natural for us to actually write something compelling on Bonet’s first full-fledge release : ‘The Visitor’.

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