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Hot tip this Friday is Tom Tripp from Cally estate in London. With two demos to his name, and a rapidly growing fan base, the London-based 21-year-old kid has an unmistakable approach and signature sound to the music he delivers. Self-produced and totally DIY up until now, Tripp just drips with self-confidence in his latest Soundcloud upload “Aurelia” (listen below). The lad has already been compared to the likes of Jai Paul and Ben Khan but we sense a much wider range of influences like Gorillaz, and a broader inspiration into pop culture and the electronic music scene too. It’s early stages thought for Tom Tripp, and he’s recently been seen in XL Recordings offices posing back-to-lens and standing in front of a giant XL wallpaper simply and innocently stating “Pay Close Attention”. So we have no doubts that Tripp has more to announce in the coming weeks, if not with XL it’ll be with another major indie label because this guy has plenty to offer and is already making waves.

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