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Digalaux bill themselves as the lovechild of Justice, Pink Floyd and Chic. Perhaps the ‘Woman’ in their latest single refers to their life-giver. In any case, their world is one where sonic time-travel sabbaticals to the 80s are normal occurrences, much like in a Black Mirror episode. At some point in their recent break, they came up with a track detailing how it can be all too easy to settle for convenience, at the expense of that which may bring greater satisfaction in the long run.  ‘It’s a reaction to the irony in how we tend to play a game no one wants to be a part of’, they say. Cryptic stuff, but I think I see what they’re getting at; think of a Tinder sexdate vs. a dinner (no wine) with that colleague who keeps somewhat to themselves, but who has always had your eye, and you didn’t have the patience to woo.

The guys do a lot of experimenting in their studio, which they call ‘Mothership’, even holding ‘open house parties’ from time to time and using whatever shenanigans that take place during these as lyrical and musical fuel. Next time I’m hovering around in the vicinity of the Mothership, I’ll give their door a knock. They say they like to mash up the melancholic with Swenglish melodies (they’re from Sweden’s music city, Gothenburg), but they also have a bit of a French fetish and in fact teamed up with no less than Grammy award-winning Antoine “Chab” Chabert (Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Breakbot) for the mastering of ‘Woman’. A name like that on the CV is sure to gain them quite a bit of much-deserved attention. Watch this space.

‘First’ will be the trio’s very first album and is slated for release in Spring 2017.

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