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Dear readers, we have scored a coveted pair of tickets for Pharrell supported artist Maggie Rogers on February 24th 2017 at Point Ephémère in Paris. It’s a free giveaway as always and we’d recommend you enter early as she’s going to blow out of proportion fast ! Simply enter the giveaway below to get a chance to grab those hot little tickets. We have introduced the singer-songwriter way back when she was featured in a masterclass at NYU with special speaker Pharrell Williams who had “Zero notes” on her then unknown hit track called “Alaska”. Watch below and enter giveaway today :

[contesthopper contest=”30120″]

Maggie Rogers has since shared two new tracks in the name of “Dog Years” and “# (demo)” listen to the beauty of that voice :

And the music video directed by Zia Anger has also hit the interwebs :

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