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There’s only a few steps from being a random music student to a full fledge artist in demand. And that step can be called ‘Pharrell Williams’ appearance in a masterclass at a New York University (view video from 18:10) for the next music moguls session.

I was walking through waist-deep streams
That took my breath away
Moving slowly through Westwood water
Over glacial planes

And the most talked about artist in the making right at this moment is Maggie Rogers from the rural parts of the Maryland area and her stunning track “Alaska”. Now fully mastered and finalised, the result comes in full colors as described by the budding folk-dance superstar in the making. Since that appearance that has obviously become viral, she has been on everyone’s mind. And we’ve been eagerly standing by for the final product to surface on the interwebs. And here it is, the track is called “Alaska” and here’s why we’ll be hearing about this new talent a hell a lot over the next few months :

I know
Breathe deep
I’m inhaling
You and I, the serenity
Leave me be
I’m exhaling
You and I, the serenity
You and I, the serenity

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