Introducing: Lydia Kitto

Somewhere between the realms of wavy escapism and kinetic, neo-soul grooves lies “Sweet Minds”, the latest from Essex’s 22-year-old songstress, Lydia Kitto. The caliber of nuanced and, hell – dare I say – nearly flawless production this track boasts should be enough to upstage any vocalist bold enough to find themselves overtop these misty synths and Stones Throw-esque drums. Should be…

The fact is, Lydia’s voice winds up being the most important instrument of all on “Sweet Minds”, serving as a spotlight amongst a sea of soft glows, and guiding us through passages of weightless free-flows and unbreakable rhythmic grasps alike. And so, the track lives up to it’s name – a sugary, cerebral foray into a vivid slice of imagination, complete with a thoroughly badass flute solo to guide us out.

I want more sounds like this. You will too – just as soon as you hit play.


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Last modified: May 7, 2017

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