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Haven’t heard any of Weslee’s tracks yet? Well you should definitely start with their debut single “Gassed” that saw them bust into the music scene and blogosphere at large like a bounty killer loner storms a Wild West saloon. You know, with two swinging doors and a room packed with drunken cowboys… And the half-british, half-american duo have made the cut again. This time with “Bathwater” Another truly awesome piece of music.

Weslee have been so kind to us in the past, they’ve curated an entire mixtape too: care to listen?

So we thought we’d go the extra mile before we all head off on summer break and bring you dear readers a little interview seshion with the hotly tipped Weslee conducted by Jon Vilardi for us at Sodwee.com. Without further fluff, cue Jon:

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Interview by Jon. Introduction by Sodwee.
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Have you ever loved someone enough to drink their bathwater?

With one of you located in London, and the other in New York City – how do you guys maintain such an audibly intimate relationship between production and vocals, with the physical distance being so great?

Josh the American is in London and Emma the brit is NY! We choose to never work remotely as bouncing off each others vibe is a big part of our creative process.

The success of the first single, “Gassed”, was pretty explosive, with the popularity of the two remixes and the gorgeous ‘Stripped’ version being equally impressive. What’s the thinking behind phrasing one of your tracks in multiple ways, and should we expect something similar with this new track “Bathwater”?

You can expect a sort of similar vibe with “Bathwater”, we are currently working on a stripped or broken down version… Without giving too much away we are going to steer clear of a dance version for this and try and come with another sort of mix/remix to change it up a bit.

There’s a vibe to “Bathwater” that seems like a logical next step from what we first heard with “Gassed”. How do you guys weigh the various aspects of the blend of pop/R&B/electronic influences shaping your sound, and do you see yourselves pushing that sound into other directions in the future, or further exploring what you’ve already begun to carve out?

We try not to overthink it and we never think about it in terms of making music for a certain genre… It is all about a feeling we have in the moment we are creating it… No rules or walls or math or anything like that.

“Drunk again, sipping on your bathwater” is a sentence that’s going to be repeating in my head for the next few days… It begs the question though – what’s the metaphor here, and what’s the larger theme that’s being expressed in this song?

Have you ever loved someone enough to drink their bathwater?

Your guys’ “Weslee’s Summer Sounds” Spotify playlist is full of incredible tracks from artists like Frank Ocean, Sonder, and Mura Masa. Of all the artists you’re listening to right now, who’s getting the most play time through your own speakers/headphones?

Josh – Frank Ocean biking has been on repeat since seeing him live last month…
Emma – today, “Crew” by Goldlink and “the weekend” by SZA both tunes, but it changes daily

The element of mystery surrounding Weslee is still going strong, with your faces covered up by Lip logos in every picture. Other than the obvious benefit of taking the focus off of image and shifting it solely onto the music, how have you found that anonymity has affected the process of creating and sharing work that’s so personal?

We’ve never thought about it, but now that you ask, the faceless thing started as a comfort thing and for emma lyrically it’s all very personal so the anonymity made that side of it easier…But we don’t think about the faceless thing during the creative process

Lastly, what’s on the agenda for the future and where can our readers keep up with all of your guys’ latest moves?

Music, videos, live shows pending… Get more news from our Spotify, Twitter, or Instagram (links further down…)

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  1. Oo, they sound awesome. I always love a band that can really reflect their sound through their album artwork. I think it’s interesting when bands choose anonymity instead of spotlight… lyrical freedom definitely makes a good case for this switch. Thanks for the thoughtful interview, Jon.

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