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Straight out of Norway and into your dreams, Kistuné and Universal Music’s own Hasta brings the elegant, R&B inspired track “Trouble.” Featuring the voice of Daniel Spencer, “Trouble” is like getting lost in a gorgeous botanical Wonderland (minus the experience of meeting the Queen of Hearts). On first listen, Hasta‘s song captivates on production alone. Daniel Spencer‘s hazy vocals melts in time with Hasta‘s work, like a secondary set wind chimes. It’s only in the replay and attention to lyrics that “Trouble” really shines as a heartbreaking love song. “Trouble” is last song on Hasta‘s “Botanique,” a 6-track EP that showcases only the beginning of this 18 year old’s talent. Hasta has a pretty solid, sophisticated take on melding the trap, bass, electronica and R&B genres, making him one to watch. Closely.

Ready for a sophisticated take on the electronic and R&B genre? Listen to “Trouble” below.

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