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Today it seems will be devoted to French artists. And to start our marathon, here’s the long awaited debut EP ‘Naked Life’ by the Parisian born and raised Oko Ebombo. Someone we’ve been following very closely for the last 3 years since he posted his very well done video for ‘Naked Life’ and saw the entire body of work progress, evolve and blossom into a fully fledged musical, visual, and performing tour-de-force.

Mixing and blending some truly exquisite sounds with a real deep artistic vibe, an approach to aesthetics you rarely see these days in the music industry. So much so, the main man behind the project, Oko Ebombo, takes his time crafting his own world with dance renditions, live performances, fashion shows, photography, poems and film. He’s a true force of nature when it comes to his art, and holds no compromise on how to deliver. And, well, to be absolutely honest with you we thank him for it. Every minute, and every ounce of sweat of the hardship.

He started in 2009 with his band, “Project 19” and worked on live material between Portland in the US, and his hometown / Base of Paris (and my very own block might I add).

Please take the time it takes to appreciate the artistry, listen, rate appreciate the extensive body of work on offer and make sure you play ‘Naked Life’ in full as every track is another facet of Oko Ebombo’s introspection. Something to hold dear and close. Something that doesn’t come every Friday.

Listen to the debut EP ‘Naked Life’ on all major platforms from Friday the 23rd of September via Creative Pool :

[button content=”iTunes” color=”black” text=”white” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/naked-life-ep/id1144579138″ openin=”_blank”]

Directed by Oko Ebombo 
Image : Simon Elephant 
Edit : Simon Elephant et Kobe Kanty 
Titles : Adulte Adulte 
Specials thanks to Simon Cato et Alice Martins

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared material by Oko Ebombo”]

Follow Oko Ebombo on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Vimeo

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