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Flint Eastwood’s new EP, Small Victories sounds super promising ! It is to be released October 23rd. Today she introduces it to a global audience, with the first single from that 6-track EP now available and titled “Find What You’re Looking For”. Jax created this EP in Detroit, Michigan after stints in Georgia and Los Angeles where she developed an undeniable love for pop music and film.

Jax Anderson broke the EP down in one simple thought :

‘Small Victories comes from the idea that doing anything creative in life takes a lot of persistence, struggle, and hustle. It’s easy to expect that the spoils will come easily and be immediately fruitful. But if you focus on the little things, the “small victories”, you realize that it’s those things that are the most rewarding. That’s what keeps me going.

The lead single is the EP’s first track, “Find What You’re Looking For”, which is Jax‘s interpretation of her mother’s final words to her : “Don’t let this break you“.

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