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Benjamin Muñoz is a rare species. One that grew up listening to the UK underground of electronic and dance music from the attic/store room of a record shop. Just because these particular records “wouldn’t make it to the store floor” they were getting forgotten and taking on dust in the storage above the said floor.

Benjamin Muñoz comes from Hamilton, in Canada with a strong taste and “quiet fixation” for the exotic genres of music he would of ignored back in these days if it wasn’t for Mark, that record store owner. Thanks to the spread of internet accessibility and the further enjoyment it procured, Muñoz came into reach and started loving house, garage, 2-step, dubstep, drum and bass and jungle, some being all the rage back in the motherland of the Britons.

Today, Benjamin Muñoz, releases his very first track “Anchors” as a solo project, and with a stint in locally known Hamilton band the New Hands. The track itself has an undeniable Burial influence, with a strong sense of arrangements and musicianship, this debut track comes across as someone who really knows his stuff, and a well travelled individual with a statement to address to whomever wants to listen :

Benjamin Muñoz - Anchors - Sodwee.com

Could it be the sun’s come down too low
And burnt the ground
Could it be the sun’s come down too low ?

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.