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Please, let me introduce you to our new writer, joining our team here at Sodwee.com to provide a fresh take on the global music scene: Missy Scheinberg. Based out of New York, USA, Missy has had a keen ear for new discoveries, and the music scene in general for a while now, writing for numerous outlets over the pond. We are absolutely delighted to have her onboard to delight us, you and the rest of the world with her findings. First fresh discovery from Missy is talented electronic artist from Seattle : Ben Zaidi… Read on…indulge.
[dropcap letter=”I”]’ll be the first to admit it. We’re currently living in a post-James Blake world: a world where soulful, borderline-R&B vocals over (usually self-produced) minimal electronic production is a-dime-a-dozen in one of the most oversaturated markets. Even so, occasionally there is an artist under this umbrella who stands out and deserves recognition.

Ben Zaidi is a Seattle-based and Harvard alum musician, singer/songwriter, and producer who pulls together these James Blake aesthetics, while adding some Donnie Trumpet-reminiscent brass, some bare-bones piano that let his delicate vocals and earnest songwriting shine through, and even some heavier Ben Khan-sounding production on occasion.

So if you’re going to get a degree from Harvard and become an independent musician, you better be as talented as Ben Zaidi.

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.