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2018 is looking bright for Lilla Vargen, a singer-songwriter we like to believe we helped breakthrough back three years ago when she sent us a one-line email with a link to her then first hit “This Is Love”. Now backed by a wonderful team and producer. Lilla Vargen is gearing up and starting to make things happening on the live circuit too, with a few shows already in the works. Some in London, Belfast and Sweden for February alone.

Today she releases “Believe Me”. A track we fully back here at Sodwee.com much like the first one. She delivers an otherworldly signature voice and some real clean heartbreaking lyrics, produced by West Cork’s very own Nick Rayner. Listen to the stunning track below:

[accordion] [item title=”Believe Me – Lyrics”]

When he calls to me he calls at the right time
The right time
I never want for much, except for your time
For your time
I’ve never been alone before
Til I was without you
And I never really sang before
Til I sang about you
About you

Do you believe me now
I’ve written it all out
I’m loving more than I would ever allow
Do you believe me now

When I call for him I call at the wrong time
The wrong time
But he cares for me so he doesn’t mind
No, he doesn’t mind
I’ve never felt like this
So close to happiness
And I never thought you’d feel the same
But now I know it was always this way

Do you believe me now
I’ve written it all out
I’m loving more than I would ever allow
Do you believe me now

[/item] [/accordion]

Lilla Vargen on “Believe Me”:

It was inspired by a friendship that was quite complicated. I let that person down before and I was determined not to do it again. The only way I could explain myself, to let them know I was ready to let my guard down, was to put my words down on paper, and post the letter.

There’s clearly no shortage of honest, raw and clever song composition skills on Lilla Vargen‘s behalf. She consistently ups the game and we hope she has a blast on her live tour as it happens. Subsequently, we do hope you too support her effort to get out there and actually go see her live. It’s perfect timing with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and a great excuse to take your soulmate down these following venues and bond further over a nice drink (or two) and some quality music.

  • Feb 01: Kings Head Members Club, London (Mahogany Horizons)
  • Feb 08: Output, Belfast
  • Feb 09: Where’s The Music, Sweden
    + more TBA
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