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Holy Moleyh ! You haven’t heard of Lilla Vargen before, that’s a given. She has just dropped this incredible debut track on her Soundcloud profile today, it’s titled “This Is Love” and you’ll have shivers running down your spine in no time.

She emailed us last Saturday with 3 simple lines. And a sole link lost in a few words, nothing more. Nothing less. Just enough however to have us check out her material. So we did, and were mesmerized instantly. As a few of other blogs I’m sure. As a matter of fact, after checking her blank twitter feed (as of writing these lines) and the three intrepid blogs who have already followed her on Twitter : I wasn’t the only one checking out her music…

It’s just her on vocals and piano. And blimey does it sounds too good to keep it for ones self.
She says of “This Is Love” :

It’s very much my first tentative step into the world. Stripping everything back to just a piano and myself, for the moment. A friend helped me out with the recording. This is the first time I’ve shared my music with anyone.

It’s a daunting and exhilarating experience.
I’m still finding my feet.

Lilla Vargen sounds ever so humble and calm, but rest assured, she is destined for great success if she keep her output all the way through. And we cannot help but think, that by the end of 2015, she’ll have wowed over a few of the big fishes in the pond. So follow her on the social platforms, as a sign of support and a way of getting updates from her. And of course, spin “This Is Love” above)…

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