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Turtle, aka Jon Cooper, is no stranger to us, and shouldn’t be ignored by you, dear reader. Dubbed as a standout artist of late 2014, the Glaswegian producer is embarking on a full-on 2015 in support of his upcoming 2nd EP ‘Colours’ out in full on April 6 via Beatnik Creative. Also home of artists, bands like Palace, ATTU and Eliza Shaddad

Already turning heads, at top UK radio stations, and pretty much every single decent music blog has covered his latest song “Lavender”. Now we’re getting to hear an additional mesmerizing track (above).

The latest track from Turtle aka Jon Cooper is titled “Colours”. Full of grace and grandeur, the precisely produced sounds creep on you like ivy on steroïds, fully blossoming as the track reaches its climax. With basslines and percussions keeping you from skipping the song, firmly rooted into the ground. As it ends, the track elevates to a rich, fully blown spectacle of blissful colours mimicked here sonically by the wide range of sounds. And you can totally picture a slower version of the award winning “Sony Bravia” TV ad : Like No Other (shot in Glasgow -I might add.).

Give it a spin, give yourself a moment while you close these eyes of yours…

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