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Turtle also known as Jon Cooper, hails from the northern, usually cold and rainy city of Glasgow. This city is, and always, had plenty to offer. Music wise it is somewhat one of the best talent pool in the UK. And Turtle is no stranger. Having crafted some pretty awesome tracks and reworks, Turtle manages to create a moment in which you get yourself lost in. A void that swells the second you start playing “Who Knows”, the title track of his debut EP. Something so special that all I can do is recommend you his, follow, like and share his material below and start getting him on the top of your playlists, like you did with SOHN in the past and many other bands or artists I introduced here. We love his music and can’t bloody wait to have him around in Paris for a live gig ! I can count on you people to make the difference right ? An appetizer with this beauty of a rework by Turtle for Maxine Ashley whom we covered recently…

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Download : Maxine Ashley – Glorybox (Turtle Rework)  [separator type=”double”]

This is his ‘Who Knows’ EP. For fans of SOHN, James Blakey-ish penchant… etc. It’s for slow-motion lovemaking and tearful heartbreaks…It boils along to a beautiful beat, electronic elements cleverly intertwined with his haunting vocals.  Hit play, I’m telling you, this will make your day :

Out now on Beatnik Creative.

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