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Rare Monk has been growing on me for a while now. The all-American band based out of Portland, Oregon has had a steady consistent output since their debut eponymous EP back in 2015. A staple of the scene back in their hometown. The four-piece band crafted a signature sound and came forward with a great sounding one at that. Although the intention on “Never Really Over” wasn’t to sound gloomy or sad in any way. It sure comes across as a grievance looking back at what we’ve experienced in the past four years. However, it is a great sounding one.

Listen to “Silverlake” by Rare Monk

Today as the full-length album is released globally. We’d like to bring your attention to one of our favorite tracks of the collection. Titled “Silverlake” the last single makes great use of claps and sharp sounding guitar lines as well as anthemic lyrics for good measure. The band explains in a little more detail what appears to be very Parisian-Esque in attitude about the state of their city rent and how/why it has become unmanageable:

Rare Monk - Silverlake - Sodwee.com

“Our once-affordable artistic haven [Portland, OR] has become overrun by Californians moving into our city, looking for a similar “scene” at a lower cost and in turn raising our rent, all while complaining about the weather.”

Listen to the whole sophomore album titled “Never Really Over” and support your local artists with meaningful purchases (Bandcamp is legit helping bands across the globe getting through this…)

Rare Monk - LP - Sodwee.com

Rare Monk – “Never Really Over”

out via trusted B3SCI Records


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