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Two San Diego musical forces have come together to bring us “Mary”, a perfectly balanced blend of soul, pop, and maybe even a little disco. Hollywood Principle leads the way with their trademark electronic sparks flying, while MRKTS‘ Isaiah Blas lays down a perfectly tailored vocal performance to tie the tune together. Hugely punchy, hugely catchy, and just plain huge sounding, “Mary” is ready to ring in the weekend.

Listen to “Mary” by Hollywood Principle & MRKTS

Right from the jump, “Mary” revs up to the red with huge stabbing synths and ultra-tight pockets. At its heart, the song really feels like soul-infused pop, but the modest coat of electronic paint over everything turns it into something a step above: the song in that playlist you found that you stop to save, rather than the one you breeze by. Isaiah’s vocal work can’t be overlooked either, and it might just be my favorite part of the track. There’s a subtle hint of hurt in the melodies and lyrics here that tempers the overall sunny vibes, adding an ideal dose of complexity and emotion.

I tried, I tried to find somewhere

That I could finally drown you out

I tried my best, but my best defense

Falls without a sound

Gotta check out some of Hollywood Principle and MRKT’s prior work if you dig this one. San Diego’s a gorgeous city, so it doesn’t come as too much surprise that a collaboration between two of its hottest up-and-comers would be this good. Until next time, find some mood lighting and get this one spinning.


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