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Just when I was craving some new FORMATION for my own sanity and existence, FORMATION deliver some uber-new tune ! Oh the Serendipity some might say. But not only that, they’ve teamed-up with Dan Carey, who has a compilation project growing out of South London, which consists of bringing in the avant-garde of the British scene together and drop a yearly compilation via his label called Speedy Wundergrund. The second opus will be released on June 17th, compiling an original collection of tunes, called ‘Speedy Underground – Year 2,’ and will boast tracks from up-and-coming/established artists from the British capital including but not limited to Kate Tempest, Loyle Carner (win tickets BTW to his show in Paris), Teleman and many more.

You might be familiar with Oli Bayston also known as Boxed In, another pro-eminent newcomer. Well Dan Carey has paired Boxed IN with FORMATION for a completely new track collaboration called “Running Out”. And the two bands deliver a fast-paced melody induced beauty of a track, just like the label name suggests. “Speedy Wunderbliss”

Great news no ? Grab the limited edition (250ex) 7″ right here. Listen below.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”previous tracks from FORMATION + Boxed In”]

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