Introducing: Kevin George – #BESTNEWMUSIC

When you check all of my boxes when you make a new track. Then proceed to make a video showcasing your love for the late Prince, his brilliance and have influences such as Tame Impala to jam about. You know you’ve spiked some clear interest from the music blogs out there.

Kevin George hails from Connecticut (USA) has just turned 20 years old and today, formally releases the first single titled “High Like This” ahead of more monthly releases throughout 2018 and his debut project “LOVELAND”.

Speaking on the track, Kevin George states:

High Like This came to me during a dark time in my life .. It felt like my world was closing in on me . This girl turned me down & that’s what came out.

We’re pretty sure this guy is going to blow-up one way or another that’s why we tagged “High Like This” as #BESTNEWMUSIC. And we’re backing his material 110%. Make sure you follow his socials for more up-to-date information on his projects.

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Last modified: February 16, 2018

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