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We’re actually stoked these guys managed to throw themselves over the fence at the Belgian border. Having painted the country red and kind of felt a little stuck (at least that’s how I feel about the project) they made the right decision to export themselves wherever people were ready to listen. And damn has the reception been good.

Blackwave, is a Belgium based project formed of Antwerp producer Willem Ardui and rapper Jay Walker and have been delivering a steady flow of 90’s rap/hip-hop sauce only listeners of classic contemporaries such as The Roots, Mos Def’ or even the Pharcyde could have cooked up. A well infused homebrew of sorts that’s played in any kind of settings. That’s how versatile their sound is.

Today their kickass track “Elusive” featuring the great vocals by David Ngyah gets the promising video treatment. Check it all out above, and catch up with the rest of their music below. We can’t stress enough how good this sounds and looks. Sure hit for us and make sure you download the Caravan Sessions too. That was our way into them back in November last year…

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