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After compiling a few of the French hopefuls for Indie Shuffle last weekend. It was time for us to host their best picks from South Africa, kindly curated by Dylan, one of the historic staffers based out of Cape Town with Jason who’s in charge at  IndieShuffle.com and main honcho behind the fantastic artist career accelerator that the blog has become over the years.

We decided to share a little content in the form of playlists on each other’s music blogs to reflect our local music scene and what was/is hot in 2017, as well as what you might not have heard elsewhere. So, without further a do, here’s Dylan’s 16 track playlist boasting the best Indie picks from South Africa in 2017. Enjoy the snapshot of the music culture there and feel absolutely free to comment below your own picks.

Don’t forget to visit our playlist over at IndieShuffle.com and tell us your faves in the comment section below.

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