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This is the thing. You know. If we ever come across a very well put together band, with quality tracks and top-notch production with a sensibility, and on top of all that, that actual band is from France. You know we’ll be all over them in a heartbeat and push their music as much as we can possibly can, until you get enough of it or you tell us to stop. It happened with Keep Dancing Inc in the past. It’ll happen again with Ninety’s Story, we’re pretty sure.

Ninety’s Story is the moniker of two French friends who met early in school and never parted ways. Since the nineties, as their band name suggests. Guillaume Adamo and Florian Deyz have stuck together. Through their teens, they have grown to like music and decided to make some of their own. Music that fits well in between Electric Guest, Foals or M83 with that distinctive electro-pop vibe only French southerners from the Côte d’Azur can fully grasp and incorporate in the music, it seems. Also, blending in that sweet after-taste of nostalgia with darker phases throughout their tracks bring another layer of interesting moods and turns you probably need to check out.

Ninety’s Story has already a few EPs to its name and has relocated to Brussels to pursue music full-time. Originally from Nice, the pair have already been seen opening for established acts such as The Avener, Jeanne Added, Archive, Morcheeba to name but a few. The track that I’m putting forward today is called ‘Kikuyu’ and really does slice through the rest of our submissions today for its intricate details and the video directed by Cloe Bourguignon it came with. It’s now available for purchase on iTunes and his the title track of their EP.


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