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Sometimes I’m inclined to think the only thing better than an entirely unique sound is an entirely unique take on an existing one. Jayce Cantor‘s “Done For Now” – the title track from his brand new EP – embodies this sentiment, taking bouncy electro-R&B to new levels of catchiness, while imbuing the genre with a level of emotional depth bordering on rare.

Color and richness are really the defining factors of this song. Every vocal is layered with rich harmonies, while every element of the production blown up into a speaker-enveloping texture. Pair this with Jayce’s songwriting, wherein he structures the song so well as to have you dancing to the pre-chorus before ambushing you with an even more addictive hook, and you’ve got something truly special that demands a chunk real estate in your daily rotation.

Now I’m all over you
Look at all that we can do
And I really wanna know if this is love

As a track about love and heartbreak, “Done For Now” does a phenomenal job of disguising a common subject matter as something much more complex and deceivingly chilly than what you might be used to. The rest of the EP goes even deeper into the broader concept of the five stages of loss, and is well worth exploring once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this one…

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