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Dominique embodies what today’s singer-songwriter and producers put into their DIY approach to putting new music out there. Dominique is from New York (USA) and has been around making music on her laptop for a while now. She only recently began working on her solo project. The latest number “Payup” is an uncompromising single giving people no second guesses about the relationships she’s put so much in for so long. Now is the time to ‘payup’.

“In the song, I reach my breaking point, and demand payment for my time and energy.”

Co-written with MDA and self-produced by Dominique. “Payup” is our favourite of the three singles from the forthcoming second EP. This track takes a dark pop / r’n’b turn to blend falsettos with talk/singing hooks and rather interesting vocal choices throughout.

Speaking of “Payup”, Dominique says:

“I wrote ‘Payup’ about being trapped in a relationship where I felt like I was giving everything and getting nothing in return. In the song, I reach my breaking point, and demand payment for my time and energy. I wrote this song after the relationship had ended, and it portrays the confidence and self-respect that I wish I’d had, and the words I wish I would’ve said.”


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