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Keren Botaro is the new voice on the block. With a debut 4-track EP slated to be released in mid November (17th to be precise), Today she publicly released the bluesy, rock filled and soulful track “The Only One” to the masses. We cannot be more excited for the future tracks.

Keren Botaro is one of those artist with quite the resumé under her belt. She’s been very active in the music industry performing live and touring with Alicia Keys as an opener. She has a unique voice, much like a Baritone’s. A la “Sharon Jones” only deeper. Something that is pretty rare these days and something to cherish. During the month of November she’ll be performing live across the United States with stops in Philadelphia, New York and Burlington to name just a few.

Follow Keren Botaro on her social estates to keep updated on new developments. Hope you like her debut track “The Only One”, check it out below

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