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We’re proud to introduce Nilüfer Yanya to our readers today. Having followed the emerging talent since last august when she put out her debut “Small Crimes” out to the world and gaining strong backup by industry powerhouses such as Radio 1, 6 Music and i-D. Today Nilüfer Yanya follows up with “Keep On Calling”, another great track depicting wasting time with a boy… It’s her second single so far and we couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of the rest of her career.

Nilüfer Yanya draws her inspiration from songwriters such as Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley as well as a more modern influences like Connan Mockasin and Rosie Lowe to name a few. Nilüfer Yanya sounds blends an urban edge, with gazingly soft, guitar lines, great melodies that ring very soulful and jazzy, and finishes off by layering the ethereal background beat on top of it all for maximum wow factor and results.

‘Small Crimes’ and ‘Keep On Calling’ are available now via Blue Flowers label.

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