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If you dropped by just now, you’re lucky ! We have been on a roll since we got our connexion back, trying to catch up with the latest music. And RUN RUN RUN is the latest band we fell in love with. They are a belgian alternative electro-pop duo formed by Margot Beerten (vocals, keys) and Tim De Gieter (production). The pair hail from Leuven in Belgium and produce some real classy music judging by the only release they’ve put forward in the last two weeks of December 2014. “Calliope” is a sensational track. And I mark my words. You won’t find better sounding music out of Belgium this week.

I don’t need the sun no more,
To make me shine
And I don’t need no friends
To turn down the light
And all that’s been done before
Has been done
And I still feel alright
I don’t need nobody
To get me through the night
And all that happened before
I know now
That it was not my fault
And all those fucking stories
They don’t define me
No more
Won’t let them define me

RUN RUN RUN draw influences from artists such as BANKS, Aaliyah, TLC or The Weeknd and they describe themselves as dark, blue and part of an ethereal universe. That easily sucks you in.

The track starts easy. Then Margot Beerten lets it all loose with great vocals and powerful lyrics. All layed over some great sounding production by Tim De Gieter.

It’s a must listen ! keep an eye on these two. They are coming right at us with more. And starting to perform live also. So don’t miss them.


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