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Some of the highest praise I can give a song is saying that it makes you feel like you’re watching a movie in your head. In the case of this new offering from Northwest London’s ELNO and Josh Pearce, it’s right in the name. A groovy, languid slow-jam and sneakily profound look into the striking parallels between life and cinema, “Movie” has that big-screen vibe, and a snazzy animated video to boot.

Listen to “Movie” by Elno & Josh Pearce:


“Movie” was born out of disappointment, after ELNO (aka Elliott Norman) and his best mate Josh Pearce (the song’s skillful vocalist) left an early screening of Christopher Nolan‘s “TENET” feeling a bit let down. What resulted is a tune that does something fairly genius by serving as both an homage to their love for the art of film, and an exploration into some of the deeper connections between what’s on the screen and what’s in our heads with lyrics like “Life is no movie”. Musically, ELNO and Josh‘s nearly lifelong friendship is palpable through the incredibly tight connection between the nuanced, jazzy production and the restrained-yet-powerful vocals. I can’t quite pinpoint a specific film that this vibe is reminding me of, but I can say that the movie for “Movie” feels like it would have a young Leo DiCaprio involved.

This single is more than just about favorite films. It’s a best-friend-forever handshake on understanding that you can’t just press pause on life like you can on camera. You can’t give your time away to anyone, not even Christopher Nolan.

This is exactly the kind of silky sound your weekend needs, and it gets bonus points for recognizing that TENET was pretty “meh”. Break out the popcorn and get this one spinning in 3… 2… 1… action.

by Elno & Josh Pearce


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